President Lungu to consider releasing Barotse Activists


President Edgar Lungu has disclosed that he would release the former Barotse Activists/Liungadambo at an appropriate time. 

President Lungu said he will not be coerced to pardon the activists but that he will do so at his discretion. 
Addressing a campaign rally in Limulunga district, Mr.Lungu said erring members of society should be dealt with accordingly in an effort to maintain law and order in the nation. 
“I have got room in my heart to forgive people but l will not be forced to do so. After the elections, I will look into the matter of the activists,” he said. 
He dismissed assertions that he has got ‘sour’ relationship with the Barotse Royal Establishment, BRE.
Mr. Lungu urged people aggrieved people to utilise the BRE or the appropriate Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs and not resort to insulting him and government officials through incorrect platforms. 
“We have got cordial relationship with the BRE and we’re dialoguing,” the President said. 
He urged the people not to be swayed or blackmailed by wrong decisions from the opposition leaders.
The Head of State urged the electorate in Limulunga to vote ‘YES’ in the referendum so that people’s fundamental human rights are protected, guaranteed and enhanced in the constitution. 
He urged the people to vote for him and all PF aspiring candidates in the August 11 elections. 
“Campaign peacefully and l can rest assure you that lm winning,” Mr. Lungu said. 
He challenged civil society organizations, the political parties, the chiefs and all stakeholders in Western Province in particular and Zambia as a whole to utilitise the remaining days to educate the masses on the importance of the referendum exercise. 
Mr. Lungu said Zambia is admired by the international community for the unity and oneness exhibited by the people despite the many languages spoken.
Mr. Lungu castigated the opposition UPND for agitating violence in the country. 
The Head of State however assured that police officers are there to sternly deal with the perpetrators of violence. 
President Lungu also held a rally in Mongu as he drummed up support to his PF aspiring Members of Parliament, mayor and councillors. 
And PF aspiring Mongu Central Member of Parliament, Joseph Mulyata pledged to develop and initiate new projects in his constituency.