MMD Copperbelt Information and Publicity Secretary Peter Phiri has advised President Lungu to avoid wasting campaign time at rallies where he is concentrating on dancing the so-called DUNUNA REVERSE and the unnecessary attacks and threats on the opposition as was the unfortunate case at the PF Kalulushi rally this past weekend, but should have instead used the occasion to articulate clear plans on how he intended to bail out the over 7,000 jobless miners who have been turned into beggars. Unfortunately many of the people who attended the rally in the hope of hearing a message of hope, started walking away before the President could finish delivering his speech when it became clear that it was just another meaningless ‘DUNUNA REVERSE’ dancing spree.

Mr. Phiri further called on all Zambians to condemn and reject the alarming pronouncement by the Head of State that he is ready to set aside democratic principals and instead invoke draconian laws and the use of the armed forces to deal with the opposition if they reject his victory in next week’s elections, which has never happened before in Zambia.

He appealed to President Lungu to avoid succumbing to panic and making reckless statements likely to cause public alarm that he already knows the outcome of the elections even before the votes are cast as this is likely to fuel the widely held suspicion that there is a strategy already in place to rig elections, a situation which could easily spark violence and possible loss of precious lives.


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  2. Why don’t you articulate yours as MMD as well instead of being concerned with PF’s Dununa…..