US is worried about Zambia’s political environment

UPND Mandevu Constituency tour disrupted by unruly PF Cadres, June 16th 2016
UPND Mandevu Constituency tour disrupted by unruly PF Cadres, June 16th 2016

US Ambassador to Zambia Erick Shultz has urged political parties in Zambia to do more to rein in their supporters and prevent electoral violence in the Country.
Mr. Schultz has observed that there is too much violence in the country and that the US is worried about such a political environment

He says the expectation of his Country is that political parties will revert to conducting peaceful campaigns which are also issued based.

Mr. Schultz says issue based campaigns are what is key to this year’s election because electorates will vote based on what they have heard from politicians during their campaigns.
He has since called upon political leaders to speak out publicly and talk to their supports on how to end violence saying violence has no place in a democratic election.


  1. Eric nsapato, does he no what is happening in his own country, let him comments on the recent incident were a sniper short dead five police officers in retaliation of unarmed black man who was killed by the white police officer!

  2. America should be worried about the suffering and instability they have caused in libya after they murdered Gadaffi. You hypocrites apologise to libyans and tell us how many innocent blacks your police has killed so far.

  3. On what basis are these barbarians are talking on? Zambia is an Oasis of peace,stop blowing things out of proportion,just know that Zambia is safe.and be more worried with what is happening in your own Country America where your own Policemen are being shot and killed like birds,due to the Racial and injustice shooting of our Innocent fact be more worried with that fellow Trump in case he became your Commander in-chief .

  4. My opinion and not part of or on behalf of….. Because am a Zambian. Proud of my Country

  5. Surely he is not worried about what happens and is happening in his country. Every Zambian is moving freely in every part and corner of this country. I for have not seen what is being talked about. Why blow up small issues out of proportion. Zambians it’s time we chose to wear scuffs of our national colours as a sign of peace and unity every Friday so as to shame the Devil. Many Zambians have already decided why bring confusion. Alas

  6. America please leave zambia to zambian. Dont bring comfusion here in zambia like u did to Libya.

  7. Aren’t he worried about the racism in america where blacks are being killed like chickens infected by influenza by white cops for him to talk about us.sovereignty is the word

  8. WHAT POLITICAL SITUATION IS AMERICA WORRIED ABOUT?. Please leave us alone. We are a peace loving nation. We may differ in our political opinions but we still love one another. Do not incite political losers to divide us. We do not believe in shedding blood just to put someone in state house. After all its him alone and his family who be enjoying the fruits of that office. My Zambian brothers say no to violence. These politicians we are dying for don’t even know us nor will they put a meal on our table once they have gotten a vote from us. Personal hard work is the answer. There is always life after elections. One Zambia One people.

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  11. We are, also worried about blacks being shot, that an extremist like Donald Trump is almost getting into White House

  12. shuz should be deported for meddling in our affairs. Americans are bussy killing niggas in American

  13. Hypocrite, him and his US should be more worried of the indiscriminate killing of black people in the US by the police, and oh he should be more worried about that Trump fellow becoming president!!

  14. America should worry about happy trigger racist bastards always murdering unharmed black americans

  15. They should be more worried about the indiscriminate killing of black people by the police and the gross injustices in their backyard…..

  16. I am a Zimbabwean no matter how bad our problems are lets never decieve ourselves that the Americans love us thats a big lie…. Concerned my foot…every country they pretend to help becomes worse , which country have they helped?

  17. They should be worried about the killings in their own country. They are living in a gun culture right now…

  18. He should be more worried about the shootings of black people by the police in his country.