Zambia is the third hungriest nation in the world

Global Hunger Index 2015
Global Hunger Index 2015

Six African countries led in chronological order by the Central African Republic, Chad, and Zambia are among the 10 hungriest nations in the world, according to the latest Global Hunger Index.– SOURCE : ANA

Government has disputed the latest Global Hunger Index ranking of Zambia as the third hungriest nation in the world.

Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda has questioned which parameter the World Hunger Index used to rank Zambia as one of the hungriest country in the world.

Mr. Lubinda says Zambia country is food secure, adding that the country has not witnessed anyone die of hunger.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Mr. Lubinda has since challenged the World Hunger Index to explain the criteria used to place Zambia as the third ranked hungriest nation in the world.


Six African countries led in chronological order by the Central African Republic, Chad, and Zambia are among the 10 hungriest nations in the world, according to the latest Global Hunger Index.

The Global Hunger Index 2015, released this week, shows the only non-African countries on the list of the world’s top 10 hungriest nations are East Timor (4th), Haiti (6th), Afghanistan (8th), and Yemen (10th).

The African nations of Niger, Madagascar, and Sierra Leone completed the list of the top 10 hungriest nations in the world. Pakistan was ranked 11th, followed by the African nations of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, and Liberia.

The Central Asian nation of Tajikistan is ranked 21st followed by Rwanda, Guinea Bissau, and Mali, which are ranked ahead of India, which is the 25th hungriest nation in the world. Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Gabon, Ghana, Gambia, Benin, Togo, Botswana, Cameroon, Lesotho, and Kenya are listed among Africa’s better nourished nations.

Up to 52 developing countries were found to be facing “serious to alarming” levels of hunger, with war and conflict blamed for the high prevalence of starvation, hunger, and malnutrition in most of them.


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  1. hmmm these international organization observations, are questionable indeed mweh, kikikikikiki

  2. it does not mean there is no food in the people afford to buy food.look at food in peoples homes.

  3. its a lie were is malawi,south sudan,ethopia,syria? am in zambia were dd he get the figures,maybe the survey was conducted in southern province

  4. People lets not be ignorant about this….the fact is true and real coz it can’t take somebody else to come and tell you how hungry your country is……of which they considered alot to come up with those rankings….inflation rate very high, subsistence farming no commercial farmers to produce enough food for the entire country, of which the less food produced by subsistence farmers are bought at the give away price at the expense poor farmers the government inclusive(K75 per bag)…if one has 20 bags which is K1,500 and what is that with this hard economy and early December they will start requesting for relief food from the same people who bought th we food at cheap price(government )…..less or no jobs, of which people are not living but surviving for them to live….and I think we are better than those two on top of us😁😁😁😁….

  5. When did you last go to Zimbabwe? Are they better than us? What about Malawi? Sudan. This report is fake and those reporting this don’t have what to report. I live in Zambia and I travel a lot, this is a lie from the pit of darkness. We can not accept it take it elsewhere. Zambia is not that hungry. We feed part of Congo, Zimbabwe is buying our food Malawi is in a disaster and they are knocking for our food and you place them above us. You are agents of poverty and we can’t accept it in Jesus mighty name.

  6. Coming frm the rural,i dispute this report.pipo in rural hv more food than in urban areas especially during this period.

    • We r practically feeding all our neighbours more especially congo dr.Drc gets almost everything frm zambia including the rejected smelly fish called “daggar”.

    • Urban areas have large population than rural areas so if the majority are suffering it means the country is suffering.

    • In urban areas pipo buy everything including water.simple lifestyles in compounds and villages doesn’t make them poor, i hv seen some1 with a family of 8 living off a salary of k1000 which is some1’s weekend bar expenditure in urban areas.Western countries hv brain washed us by terminologies like “poverty-line”,inflation rates and so villages young men between 21-35yrs hv land and housing which most of pipo in urban areas who are driving dnt hv.

  7. its true.i went to a certain village i never found them eating lunch.they only eat at night.lets not look at urban set up go in compounds,villages.its hard.

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  9. U see people the report is not Zambia does not have enough food as a country..but rather the lack of it at household level. Most of us come from compounds we always see the difficuties people go through just to buy ka pamela or ubunga opimisa muka bp even those working. Grz officials wont accept this report as they dont see these things.