UPND killed Mapenzi – Fr Frank Bwalya

Father Frank Bwalya
Father Frank Bwalya

The ruling Patriotic Front has charged that it is convinced that Mapenzi Chibulo, the UPND supporter shot dead last Friday was killed by alleged UPND hired criminals and not the Zambia Police.

PF deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has told a media briefing in Lusaka today that the party has established beyond reasonable doubt that the murder was a calculated scheme to demonize President Edgar Lungu.

He says the opposition UPND allegedly sacrificed its member under the principle of collateral damage to de-campaign President Lungu and the PF led government.

Mr Bwalya says this is evidenced by how the late Mapenzi was followed by a camera prior to her being shot dead.

He says the ruling PF is convinced that the photos of Mapenzi after she was shot were taken by one camera as the technical evaluation of the photos points to this reality.

Mr. Bwalya adds that this also explains why UPND president Hakainde Hichilema did not emphasize the need for a thorough investigation to establish the truth but instead accused President Lungu of murder.

But UPND youths in Lusaka have expressed disappointment that instead of apologizing for the death its member, the ruling PF has opted to accuse it of having planned her murder.

UPND Lusaka District Youth Wing Vice Secretary Otis Bwalya has wondered what the party would benefit from having one of its members killed in the manner Mapenzi was murdered.

He says what the ruling PF has forgotten is the fact that 10 other UPND members were shot during the fracas in which Mapenzi unfortunately died.




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