Fisho P Mwale Lusaka Mayor Aspiring Candidate 2016 Elections at the infamous Chunga Landfill-1
Fisho P Mwale Lusaka Mayor Aspiring Candidate 2016 Elections at the infamous Chunga Landfill-1

When I announced my decision to contest for the position of Lusaka Mayor, I did this under the house of the Lord at the cathedral of the child Jesus. I believed and still believe that the increasing political violence and intolerance among political players required more than talk. I stated that this election would be violent as it was evident from the events that characterised the our political field. My decision to stand as independent on the basis of promoting love, peace,  unity and reconciliation has been vindicated.

Many Zambians are now faced with difficult questions that require answers.  Why have we becomes enemies of our brothers and sisters? Where is the peace our country has enjoyed since independence? Where is the love for our neighbours? These and many questions linger in the minds of many Lusaka residents.

Victims of the recent political violence in Lusaka would speak more eloquently than I ever could because they have experienced it. The residents of Lusaka have become victims and now live in fear. Our residents must be protected and treated equal irrespective of age, color, creed, religion or political affiliation.


Now is not a time to point fingers at one another. We must all take responsibility and ensure that we do everything possible in our individual capacities to end the violence. We need to behave and act responsibly and avoid conflict. We must think of our vulnerable women and children and the future we are creating for them. As leaders we must think of how posterity will judge us.


It is my hope and prayer that the move by the electoral commission of Zambia will bring about sanity once the campaigns resumes in the next few day. I urge the political parties participating in this year’s election to refrain from violence and promote democracy. Our democracy is under threat when we choose to act in a manner that undermines the tenants of it.

I finally want to make an appeal to the residents of Lusaka to wake up and end the violence. I believe that one of the ways to end violence at local level is by de-politicising the local government. I urge Lusaka residents to elect a mayor who will not treat the residents based on parties they belong to. Once voted into office as a non partisan mayor I will ensure that Lusaka city is united for purpose of peace, reconciliation and development. I will treat everyone equal and with fairness regardless of the parties they belong to.

Lusaka residents now have an opportunity to exercise their democratic right to vote for a mayor who is non partisan, independent and will serve their interest as a city with discrimination based on party lines. .

10th July 2016
Lusaka Mayor Independent Candidate