HH warns Zambians

HH & Dr Canisius Banda
HH & Dr Canisius Banda

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has warned Zambians that the country’s economic fortunes will continue to deteriorate if the governing PF is retained after the August 11th polls.

Mr. Hichilema says despite the country being blessed with abundant resources, poor leadership by the PF has left citizens in poverty.

He says he has a team ready to address youth unemployment and poverty in Zambia with solution driven policies.

Mr. Hichilema says they have come up with policies that will create jobs for the youth, because it is his desire to help build a better future for all.




  1. Patience,you too can be so naive on matters and processes that relate to privatisation?

    • Am not naïve my dear. Do u know that I once worked for Sun International Hotel formarly known as Intercontinental Hotel which this hh sold and became a shareholder too? He has just been enriching himself,he does not have a heart for Zambians. The working conditions at Sun Hotel where bad,him being a shareholder was supposed to be the voice of those workers in at least improving there working conditions. He is a scam bag my dear. Frankly speaking, if there wasn’t Lungu,I would have voted for Nawakwi not this man & his iliterate running mate.

  2. This man shud just retire from politics and concentrate on his farming business. Why can’t he just be than lying to the pipo of Zambia? he is a crook who shud not be believed coz he has nothing to offer. he privatised every good thing Zambia had,enriching himself and later comes back to say he can fix Zambia, how if I may ask? After making it the way it is? He is now after selling our mother Zambia to the devil if u vote him into power. As for me and my household our votes belong to PF period.

    • Moses my dear,he is the author of this poverty. If he was a caring man,he would not have been the chief agent in privatising our country as he did. You pipo must wake up and see who this hh of a person is. He is a crook. Why would he be a share holder in most of the companies he spearheaded privatisation if he never stole at all?