Zambia’s kwacha falls against dollar

Kwacha Dollar Lusakavoice
Kwacha Dollar Lusakavoice

(Reuters) – Zambia’s kwacha fell 1 percent against the dollar on Friday, reflecting a persistently weak export performance in Africa’s second-largest copper producer.

The kwacha reached a session trough of 11.0000/dollar, its weakest since March 31 according to Thomson Reuters data.

“There are no dollars in the market and this is what is putting pressure on the kwacha,” a senior commercial bank trader said.

(Reporting by Chris Mfula; Writing by Stella Mapenzauswa; Editing by Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo)



  1. What do you respect of the currency that is subsidised? It will show its real position after 11-08-16 if PF wins.that’s when the people of Zambia will wake those who r still asleep and start calling BOMA itiyanganeko.time to ACT is now