Divorce Court
Divorce Court

A WOMAN of Kanyama Township has sued her miserly husband to Kanyama local court for leaving her only K5 to feed seven people.
Rita Mulunda, 35, of Lusaka’s Jack Township sued her husband Patrick Banda, 39, for reconciliation on grounds that he was irresponsible and was too jealousy.
She said the two got married in 2004 and had five children together.

Mulunda told the court that her husband who is a cleaner at Evelyn Hone College religiously left K5 daily for meals.
She said she found it hard to feed five children and two of her husband’s nieces.
Mulunda said her marriage was on a verge of collapse because of several marital problems like her husband not allowing her to visit friends.
“My husband beat me up last year April, because I went to visit my friend. My mouth was swollen and I could not walk due to the severe beatings,” she said.
In defense Banda said he was a responsible husband and that he used to live a K5 on certain days because he was servicing a loan.

He said he bought all the necessary food in the house and that whenever he left a K5 it was probably meant for sugar or tomatoes.
“If I was not responsible would she even have energy to talk right now? I buy food and I take care of my children, all of them who go to school. What does she want from me ?” he asked.

He said he did not stop her from visiting her relatives but that he stopped her from visiting her friends because most of her friends were not married and had bad morals.
“Most of her friends move around in the road with different men. I wonder what she discusses with such type of friends. Anyway if she wants to continue staying with me in harmony she should stop mingling with such friends,” he said.