Ministry warns illegal Game Management Area settlers

Zambian Wildlife Authority
Anti-Poaching unit from ZAWA (Zambian Wildlife Authority)

The Ministry of Tourism and Arts would like to sound a strong warning to operators who have decided to erect illegal structures and extensions that are not approved by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

These structures will be demolished as they contravene the Department of National Parks and Wildlife’s General Management Plan provisions.

Illegal structures and extensions create a likelihood of human wildlife conflicts as they are built in animal corridors. They also lead to habit destruction which fuel climatic change.

This developing problem is common in the Lupande Game Management Area (GMA) in Mfuwe and Chiawa GMA of the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has placed 1,664 officers by Public Service Management Division out of the Treasury Authority of 1,752 that was given for former Zambia Wildlife Authority staff.

Ministry of Tourism