PRESIDENT LUNGU HAS NOT SILENCED ME. I don’t like boring girls

The Zambian Voice Chilufya Tayali
The Zambian Voice Chilufya Tayali

I am not ashamed to tell you that I have a weakness when beauty combines with intelligence in a woman. Add to that if a woman can talk like Clance Zulu because I don’t like boring girls that speak with their eyes only.

Talk back to me lady!

Now, while some of you were sending me, best wished on my birthday, and I say thank you to all of you, my strayed Eastern wife was busying accusing me of being silenced by President Edgar Lungu over my fights against corruption and violence.

Clance is a bit different from this other girl, Pauline Kanje, whom I like on Facebook and if I had my way, I would not hesitate to take a drive with her to Barn Motel, a place where things happen.

The only problem I have with Pauline is that she is more of an intelligent ghost than a real lady like Clance whom you can easily access in time of need or just to engage her.

Pauline, has a beautiful picture on her profile but honestly, I don’t think she is that beautiful otherwise we would have seen more pictures of her other than that one picture which has been there from ages.

Anyway, the other difference between these two ladies (if indeed Pauline is a lady) is that Pauline speaks more from reason while Clance is more of an emotional person. But they are both UPND supporters and time and again hit some jab on me.

Clance is accusing me of being silenced by the President forgetting that I am in court with Given Lubinda and not President Edgar Lungu. This is speaking from emotions and not reason.

A lot of people have been asking me to give an update on the case of Given and myself, but what you have to know is that Given does not want me to talk about him. He has put an injunction to gag me from saying anything about him.

We were last in Court on 9th June, 2016 for inter-party hearing and the case was adjourned to 1st July 2016 because Given had filled another affidavit in support of the injunction which was served to me on the 9th June itself.

As the adage goes, the guilty are always afraid and I don’t know who is guilty, you can make your on judgement otherwise I will receive another affidavit from his lawyers since he seem to have a lot of money for obvious reasons of course.

Anyway, I just want to let you know that, though I support President Edgar Lungu, I have not spared him where I have though he is wrong, but he has never intimidated me or tried to silence me in anyway.

For your own information last week I was even in State House and I have been getting communication from State House whenever I query on anything.

Just the other day I was asking about his whereabouts when Fred M’membe raised the question in his paper and I got communication which I even posted here.

I communicate with State House to get the truth and this is why at times I lash out on the State House staff when they seem inefficient in picking calls and other things.

The freedom and tolerance that President Lungu gives, is what makes me give him the benefit of doubt over those that scare me and keep a list of names of people they will sort out if they get to State House.

In as much as I condemned the violence of Shiwan’gandu, it was very wrong for both GBM and HH to issue threatening statement against him. How can an entire Presidential candidate say “Tukabombelapo” (meaning we will work on him).

That emotional reaction of HH scares some of us because we love our freedom. Of course at times we could be wrong but if a President want to fix everybody in the manner that is suggests in the statement of HH, surely, it should raise concern to all the citizens.

I always say, President Lungu has his weaknesses but he respects other people’s views and he does not interfere or threaten you nor does he take you to court like Given Lubinda when wrong things are pointed out.

I am not scared of the litigation, this is all good for me, others can also join in. I am not the bad guy here so I don’t care. If anything this is building me.

I WILL EVER BOW TO INTIMIDATION BECAUSE MY GOD IS WITH ME! I am not biased not malicious, I speak for the poor and I will die with their plight in my heart and on my lips.

The cases I fight, are usually frustrated by lack of resources not that anyone has intimidated me. I never bow to intimidations or threats. Given Lubinda will sue as much as he wants, I will stand on my grounds because I stand for justice and truth.

So for your information, I am still fighting the FRA issue, what I need is money to hire a lawyer to prosecute privately. I thought it was straightforward when I gave a deadline to Chola kafwabulula to leave office by Monday 30th May 2016.

Unfortunately, I need a lawyer to help me and they have asked me to pay K80,000 deposit before they could swing in and have some of these people arrested. I have not given up I am working on it.

I wish Given would give me the money since he once said that he can give me transport money to go to ACC. Can he give me money to hire a lawyer to prosecute him. I am just making a plea for money I am not discussing the cases in court.

I also wish those of you who accuse me of being paid could come in and pay the lawyers instead of just accusing me. This is an opportunity for you to do something. GIVE ME MONEY WE PROSECUTE THESE CORRUPT PEOPLE.

Pauline, my sister Musamba, Clance and all those that shout, that I am paid please come on board, otherwise you have also been paid.

The Zambian Voice – Chilufya Tayali