Hippo culling in the Luangwa Valley suspended Inbox x


The Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) wishes to announce the suspension of hippo culling exercise in the Luangwa Valley.

This is has been necessitated by events that have come with the culling activity that started in May.

In the meantime the department will evaluate the matter and provide a way forward.

Culling is a wildlife management measure usually taken in situations where the population of a particular species exceeds the carrying capacity of the habitat, thereby the habitat cannot support the given species.

Recently research revealed that the water levels in the Luangwa River system have been low and insufficient to support the hippo population especially in the dry season.

DNPW has assessed the situation and estimated that 2,000 hippos need to be culled in a space of five (5) years.

Following the suspension of the culling operations, the department is making extensive consultations and will make further pronouncements on the matter as it deems fit according to its mandate.

The department is committed to the protection and sustainable utilisation of wildlife resources for ecological and socio-economic benefits for the present and future as mandated by Wildlife Act Number 14 of 2015.

In another development the department regrets to announce the death of Nalumino Muketoi, 41, a Livingstone resident of Mwaka Farm who was trampled to death by an elephant last week.

The department further regrets the death of two fishermen who died on the Kafue river, in Mumbwa Game Management Area after a hippo hit their canoe last week.

Ministry of Tourism and Arts