Anti Corruption Commision - ACC
Anti Corruption Commision - ACC

Many of you accuse me of bringing up issues concerning corruption but nothing tangible comes out of our fights. Well, I wish you knew what I go through in my work.

I think one can only fight corruption if he or she is ACC director or better still President. So if President Lungu wants to fight corruption, he should appoint me as ACC boss.

Tonight, I am a very frustrated person in regards to my work and the comments I get from some of you, because it is not encouraging.

Nonetheless I am still here doing whatever I can. I take the interaction with you people as a formation to be able to handle different characters.

Anyway, concerning FRA, like other cases as well, our evidence was solid such that even when we took it to some lawyers for a legal opinion, they saw merit in it.

Unfortunately, ACC has not acted and we doubt they will ever do anything. To prosecute the case privately we need something like K80,000.

Apart from the money challenges (though you accuse me of being paid everybody but yourselves), a magistrate must agree to issue a warrant of arrest. But who will issue a warrant of arrest against a minister when the President has not authorized.

The magistrate I spoke clearly told me that, I might have to weigh my battle before I just earn another civil case. He just consoled me for the efforts and the spirit to fight for the poor.

Newton N’guni succeed to lock up Mutembo Nchito in Chongwe because the State was behind the accuser.

In my case and a few other Zambians, we face not only the issue of resources and the magistrate to issue a warrant, but also the DPP who has to allow the private prosecution to go on otherwise, the case goes nowhere.

I have fought so hard to push this case because many Zambians suffered through the high prices of mealie meal (no matter how much they refuse to accept it).

My worry is that such scams will always be there as long as FRA is there.

Unfortunately, it feels like I have to bow and let the criminals carry the day. I am so upset that I care less about the contempt that these criminals can bring against me and I will call them that.

They know as much as I do that they are corrupt but maybe for now I have to chill hoping President Edgar Lungu will play a different ball game after elections to seal all the loopholes or better still appoint me ACC director.

I will end here, if you have better ways of fighting corruption please take over on this one, otherwise I want to go and see my street workers and street kids.

I also need to look at politics, manifestos, running mate, and other issues relating to our Nation.

Corruption is real.
Chilufya Tayali – The Zambian Voice