Mutati cautions Nevers Mumba

nevers mumba
nevers mumba

MMD President Felix Mutati has issued a stern warning against former MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba to stop campaigning for the UPND using the name of the former ruling party.
Mr. Mutati says Dr. Mumba is no longer the party president and so he should not use the name of the MMD to campaign for the UPND.

Mr. Mutati says there is only one MMD which is currently working with the ruling PF after forming an alliance with them.
He says the party is this week expected to take stern action against Dr. Mumba and his team who are masquerading in the name of the MMD.

Mr. Mutati says it is wrong for Dr. Mumba to campaign for the UPND using the party regalia when he is no longer the MMD leader.
The MMD President says he does not want confusion in his party saying he is there to bring order in the former ruling party.



  1. So ba Nevers this is what u wanted when you entered politics…i hope you are finding out that a christian cannot easily work with sinners, how does the pure and holy mix with corrupt characters…politics involves corruption and christians should stay away from this rubbish and leave it all to those who are going to hell.

  2. Whatever a man Sowes that shall he reap. If you will use media to resolve your issues, you will not succeed. You failed to resolve your suspension issues within the party and l expected you guys to sit and put your house in order but you failed. MMS your house is on fire and as a member of the public, l can tell you that you have come to the end of the road. Let those who have gone with OF stay there permanently and likewise those who have gone to UPND stay there. Your party has ceased to be a factor in Zambian politics.