Don’t hold referendum, government is unclear

Sarah Longwe
Sarah Longwe

The Non Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has demanded that the referendum on the bill of rights should not be held until such a time when people are adequately sensitized.

Speaking during a media briefing, NGOCC Chairperson Sara Longwe has observed that thLONGWE NGOCCe referendum question is not clear.
She says the Referendum question proposes two things in one question, explaining that it seeks to amend the bill of rights on one hand and to repeal and replace Article 79 of the constitution on the other hand.

Ms Longwe adds that government has also not clearly stated what clause should be repealed and what clause should be replaced in Article 79.
Ms. Longwe adds that the two symbols used in the referendum of the ‘eye and ear’ do not represent the yes and no answers sought.