HH testifies in Mutembo case

Mutembo Nchito
Mutembo Nchito

SCORES of UPND cadres on bus rooftops, others sticking out of windows of speeding vehicles accompanied their leader Hakainde Hichilema as he arrived at about 9:40 hours in Rhodes Park to testify in the Mutembo Nchito tribunal yesterday.

Hichilema was testifying in the Mutembo tribunal in relation to term of reference number 1B which says “investigate allegations that the Director of Public Prosecutions repeatedly abused the autority of his office by indiscriminately entering nolle proseque in cases in which he is alleged to have an interest of his own to serve, namely: ‘The people Vs Hakainde Hichilema’ despite knowing that the Attorney General had advised the DPP that the state had appealed against the High Court judgment that declared section 67 of the Penal Code as unconstitutional”.

The cadres that accompanied Hichilema clad in red berets and overalls took over part of Tito Road in Rhodes Park for close to three hours as Hichilema was testifying at the tribunal.
At some point, in an attempt to disrupt their colleagues, PF cadres also arrived in three buses chanting their party slogans while flashing their symbols. The UPND cadres, however, did not react.

After, a while UPND vice-president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba passed on Tito Road and briefly stopped, causing a traffic jam, which forced motorists to use alternative routes. ”The game has just begun, but be peaceful and from here, all roads must lead to Chongwe,” GBM told the jubilating cadres that shouted “GBM!” in intervals. When Hichilema came out of the tribunal hearing, he told the cadres to to remain peaceful.

He also told journalists that the Mutembo tribunal was just a waste of taxpayers’ money.
“I came to appear as a witness and I cannot divulge what we discussed; suffice to just state that tribunals are just a waste of tax payers’ money,” said Hichilema, who drove to the party secretariat under a heavy convoy of his cadres.

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