HH not fit to rule,says Kavindele

Hakainde Hichilema
Politician and businessman Hakainde Hichilema

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) is immature to win the August 11 general elections, former republican vice-president Enock Kavindele has said.
Mr. Kavindele charged that UPND was not ready to lead the country as they had not raised any tangible issues to influence Zambians to vote for them.
Endorsing President Edgar Lungu for the August 11 election at a news conference in Lusaka yesterday, he said the UPND leadership had exhibited signs of despotic rule by their continued unpalatable utterances and bad language.

“I have observed bad language from UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his deputy Goffrey Bwalya Mwamba. If they can insult citizens and authorities now that they are still in opposition, what will they do should they be given instruments of power?
‘‘The people of Zambia should judge and answer that question.

“I wish to caution them (UPND) that they risk being alienated from the people they want to seek votes from. It would be important to use civilized language and raise issues that put food on the table of the voters. Going personal is out of fashion,” Mr. Kavindele said.
He appealed to political parties in the opposition to desist from hate speech and focus on issue-based politics.
He said the opposition should do more in terms of offering solutions to the problems affecting ordinary Zambians.

“The opposition play a vital role in democracy; they offer accountability. But now the opposition have concentrated more on how well they could bring down their opponents and not offering solutions to the problem affecting the Zambian people,” he said. And Mr. Kavindele has endorsed the candidature of President Edgar Lungu ahead of the August 11 general elections.
Mr. Kavindele described President Lungu as a unifying and peace- loving leader who deserved a full five-year term of his own to prove his ability.
He said Zambia needed a tolerant and forgiving leader like President Lungu.
He observed that the President Lungu had proved to be the only visionary leader among other political leaders aspiring for the presidency.
“President Lungu needs a five-year tenure of his own. He inherited a Government and people who were appointed by late President Michael Sata and he could do little about it.

‘‘He could not easily get rid of the people he inherited even when they were incapable because of the emotions involved; such attempts would have been linked to victimisation of Mr. Sata’s people.
“The President had to trade cautiously to avoid these emotions. Zambians must rally behind President Lungu to form his own government and work for five years. He needs a term of his own to prove his ability,” Mr. Kavindele said.

He warned that Zambians would make a grave mistake if they did not vote for President Lungu in the forthcoming elections.
He said the idea of changing leaders at a time the incumbent had gained experience was not the best.
“Voters will end up regretting for removing a winning team for another group which has no idea about how to run the country. The people should reflect and vote wisely and make right comparisons,” he said.

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