Police thwart PF attack on UPND secretariat

Machete Wielding PF cadres
Machete Wielding PF cadres

Suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres this afternoon attempted to storm the UPND secretariat in Lusaka’s Rhodespark area in an act of retaliation following yesterday’s fracas in Matero.

Suspected UPND cadres yesterday attacked and destroyed PF offices in Matero constituency after their rally was disrupted by the police.
Quick action by the police prevented the PF cadres from storming the secretariat.

And UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka has told QTV News that police were alerted upon hearing that PF cadres were matching to the secretariat.
Mr. Katuka says this kind of barbaric behavior from the PF is unacceptable.
He has wondered how peace will be guaranteed during the campaign period if such things begin to happen before the official campaigns.
Mr. Katuka however, advised UPND youths manning the secretariat to cooperate with the police as they were there to provide security.




  1. Mwebantu let’s condemn this behaviour because next time we will be seeing people with guns

  2. Lusakavoice the photo u pasted is an old one learn to show the readers the truth,look and analyse the photo critically at the buildings behind,we a to king about matero incidence,u have X posed yoselves in yo reporting

  3. This behavior must be condemned whether upnd or pf no one is above the law, am concerned the politicians are not doing there part in condemning this vice, especially the ruling you are in power you have everything at your disposal do something to bring peace.

  4. thumbs up to the police for their quick response , that is how it should be and expected of the police. We as Zambian youths/ caders in different parties should not be allowed to be used like pawns in a game of chess to bring anarchy and war to mother Zambia. We should preserve peace as we are custodians of this great Nation Zambia and should unite to say NO to Violence.