State withdraws case against UNZA students

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THE state has withdrawn a case where 14 University of Zambia students were charged with conduct likely to cause the breach of the peace.

Kunda Katumbo, Charles Siwakwi, Remmy Murinzi, Siachinji Muleya, Lwendo Matongo, Imaan Maliki, Condrone Chiyabi, Malama Mubanga, Kachinga Mtonga, Matimba Luchen, Veronica Kabanda, Ratifa Kambeu, Mulenga Sipola and Mirriam Zulu on October 27, 2015, in Lusaka, whilst acting together in a public place, on the Great East Road, allegedly conducted themselves in a manner likely to cause the breach of the peace.

When the case came up for continued trial before magistrate Ireen Wishimanga yesterday, the state applied to withdraw the matter in accordance with section 88 (a) of the Criminal Procedure Code.

“Looking at what the witnesses are saying, the state feels it is not ready to proceed with the case,” state prosecutor Sikelenge Sikelenge submitted.
Magistrate Wishimanga granted the application and discharged the accused persons.
The 14 were among 40 other students whom police arrested last year in October for conduct likely to cause the breach of the peace after they rioted at UNZA Great East Road Campus in Lusaka.
The 40 were put in smaller groups and appeared before different magistrates in Lusaka.
They all pleaded not guilty to the charge.
Some of the lawyers representing the students include Laston Mwanabo, Keith Mweemba and Jonas Zimba.

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