PF activists predicts Lungu’s victory

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his special assistant to the press Amos Chanda.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his special assistant to the press Amos Chanda.

A PF activist has said the political hysteria that seems to be growing amongst some citizens joining the UPND and other opposition political parties will be exterminated after campaigns officially begin.

Elijah Mvula says the PF’s political opponents will soon realise the ruling party’s unrivalled potential from the numbers that will be witnessed during the political crusades that will be embarked on after Parliament dissolves next week.

Mr Mvula said the resignation of a few apathetic members like Mulenga Sata and others will not result in any electoral alternations as the ruling party will not lose the August 11 polls since it has positively transformed the country’s socio-economic standing.

He said this year the PF’s electoral victory will be more resounding as the trust gap has continued to swiftly increase because the ruling party has credibly managed to upset the negative economic happenings of yesteryear.

Mr Mvula, who is Chama South PF aspiring candidate, said most of the voters in Zambia are idealistic and feel that the PF government under President Edgar Lungu has managed to emancipate them from poverty and they will thus give him a vote because he has improved their status quo.

He said the current progressive situation has provided an opportunity for the ruling party to take stock of its achievements with ease and at the centre of it all is the country’s infrastructural development realisations.

He added that the UPND and many other critics of President Lungu will not be able to continue to thrive and base the campaigns on the Head of State’s failure because he has relentlessly managed to curb the country’s economic challenges.

And Mr Mvula said the resignation of Mulenga Sata is inconsequential as the former Lusaka Province Minister has not contributed anything towards the growth of the ruling party.

He said Mulenga, like other PF members who resigned from the PF party before him, was more of an opportunist than a daunting political player who rode on other people’s fame and, therefore, his resignation was negligible.

Mr Mvula said t the four ministers who have resigned from government and the PF this year are simply selfish and disgruntled elements who did not have the people’s interests at heart and their exit was actually good riddance.

He said since President Lungu was elected as Head of State he has been magnanimous by graciously offering senior government positions to his one-time political adversaries like Mulenga and others yet they have betrayed his trust.

Mr Mvula said that PF members that are still doubtful of President Lungu and the ruling party’s potential should simply resign now and pave way to the ruling party’s devoted supporters who will carry on the mantle of developing the country.