FDD opposes Lungu’s stamen on Barotseland issue

barotseland royal flag
barotseland royal flag

The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) says the pronouncement by President Edgar Lungu that only him and the Litunga should discuss the Barotseland Agreement is wrong and totally misguided.

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says the Barotseland agreement is a national issue and not a personal issue and therefore it cannot be a preserve of the president and the Litunga.

Mr. Mwanza says one of the reasons why the nation has failed to find a solution on the matter is because others are not engaged in an open, honest and all inclusive dialogue.

He has since urged the president to call upon all the stakeholders to call for a stakeholders meeting to discuss the matter conclusively.

Mr. Mwanza has further urged the president and the government to make public the findings of the Rodger Chongwe commission which was tasked to inquire about the Barotseland agreement.