I am not resigning from the PF to join UPND – HARRY KALABA


Thanks to all of you who have embraced our stance and message on the ills of political violence and our efforts to seek external opportunities for our Country. I have read through most of your comments and thoughts which have warmed my heart.

I have also noted those who have constantly raised the question of whether I am resigning from the PF to join the UPND tomorrow. Much as i have always chosen to restrain myself from commenting on the affairs of other political parties, i feel morally obliged to assure my supporters and voters that i am comfortably seated on Flight EL2016. Be assured also that in this election year, some people will use every trick to sway your attention and shift your attention from seeing the flaws in their messages.

I belong to the winning Party (the PF) and team and as i have always said, we may not be a perfect team, we may not even have all the answers, but we have the sincerity of heart to continue doing the best for our land and our people.