Ministers face sack


PRESIDENT Lungu has warned that he will not hesitate to fire non-performing ministers and civil servants from his Government.

Mr Lungu said this is because many development projects which were initiated across the country and could have been completed on schedule, have stalled due to lack of effective supervision.

The President said this here yesterday when he inspected Chama General Hospital where construction works started in 2008 but Mango Tree Construction Company Limited, the contractor engaged to do the works, abandoned the project.
President Lungu said it is sad and disappointing that some Cabinet ministers and civil servants have stopped carrying out their duties effectively in line with their expectation and are always waiting for him to act before a project can be completed on time.

“You cannot expect me to be inspecting each and every project before it could be completed. I am very disappointed that this building can even start developing cracks even before it is occupied.
“This means that some people are not doing their job. How can a hospital take so long for it to be completed? I am told the construction of this hospital started in 2008 and up to now it has not been occupied. I think it is not fair for me to start inspecting development projects when other people are just seated,” he said.

The head of State warned that incompetent Cabinet ministers and civil servants will be fired, especially that he wants to see the effects of development to trickle down to all the parts of the country.

President Lungu also directed Muchinga Province Minister Mwimba Malama to work out modalities that will facilitate the commissioning of Chama General Hospital in the next two months.

He warned that should Mr Malama and the civil servants who are supposed to see to it that the hospital is commissioned within the next two months fail, then he will have no any other option but to fire them.
Mr Lungu said he will not work with people in his administration who do not share his vision of taking development as close to the people as possible.

And President Lungu has commended China Civil for carrying out quality works on the Chama-Matumbo road.
Mr Lungu said he is impressed with the kind of workmanship done by the Chinese company and further urged Zambian contractors to emulate foreign contractors whenever they are engaged to execute projects.

The President, however, said it is sad and disappointing that some Zambian contractors have developed a tendency of doing shoddy works or not completing projects whenever they are engaged.
He said such acts are detrimental to development and his Government will not sit idly by but will de-register such erring companies.

The President is accompanied by Patriotic Front deputy secretary-general Mumbi Phiri, State House Deputy Minister Mulenga Sata, Deputy Minister of Finance Christopher Mvunga and other government officials.

Zambia Daily Mail