Cosmo Mumba Presidential car
Cosmo Mumba Presidential car

THE hiked nomination fees will not stop me from contesting the Presidency in the August 11 general elections, he declared.

Dr Mumba, who on Sunday was reported to have pulled out of the presidential race to contest the Kanyama parliamentary seat on PF ticket, said he was misquoted by the press and his eyes were still set at entering State House. “I was misquoted by the press. I am still contesting the republican presidency in the 2016 general elections,

Cosmo Mumba Presidential car
Cosmo Mumba Presidential car

“I didn’t say whoever might have reported that am pulling out. I am contesting the presidency, nothing has changed,” Dr. Mumba said.

He said his party had already raised K50, 000 out of the required K75, 000 nomination fees for presidential candidates.

Dr. Mumba disclosed that he was in talks with his colleagues in South Africa, who were going to assist him with the remaining K25, 000.

“I can tell you that I have already raised K50, 000 and I am leaving for South Africa next week to meet my colleagues there who are also politicians so that I can raise the balance,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Mumba urged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to consider revising the nomination fees, saying that the increased fees were undermining other political parties. He indicated that he would petition ECZ if no action was taken regarding the issue.

“There is no economic sense in the increase from K10, 000 to K75, 000, this increment is a form of dictatorship and it is undermining other political parties.

“As NRP president, I am informing ECZ that if they don’t reverse the fees, we are going to sue them. We will not tolerate that as a party, so we are petitioning them this Friday to reduce the fees,” he said.



  1. Give it to the orphanage ba President!!! God will bless you more than what you want to be!!!

  2. Some students at Mulungushi University have failed to pay for exam fees because of financial constraints. My brother Cosmo please assist these students.

  3. Why can’t he jst share the money with me coz am broke and that money will be jst wested coz he won’t even mange to get a 1000 vote so let’s jst share ba cosmo

  4. Hehehehehehe indeed we need some comedy even as we await the elections.. Uncle Cosmo where can you get even a K2000 chabe, stop making us laugh. As I speak maybe you don’t even have meali meal in your home, stop making us laugh, pls. Reserve some jokes atlist for July so that we can be laughing as we prepare ourselves to go cast our beautiful votes the following month ie August. Lol

  5. Cosmo, even if he got that K75,000 I don’t think Cozmo will take it for elections which he knows he won’t even win. He just wants pipo to fund him then turn around and support the Govt of the day. I know him better, let’s see if he can use that money when it squares up.

  6. Cosmo just go shopping with that money why do you even waist your time ad your money don’t u kno that money is un refundable HH is the comin in president after 20 years will be Miled Sampa.

  7. nomba abantu 200 per province to stand for you kukabafunya kwisa yama ba cosmo? No one knows you in these other 9 provinces may 100 in lusaka

  8. He still has a balance of 25,000..he should consider combining resources with Muliokela….

  9. The nomination fees should have been pegged at 200 000 so that sanity is brought back into zambian politics. By the way mr cosmo how’s your strongest rival mr muliokela?

  10. let him go nd ask from President HH nt borrowing nkongole bt he wil b given free of charge

  11. Pachifentelo!!!!! Let him raise money for an ambulance such that when he faints, it should be able to take him to the hospital.
    Alternatively, his counter part Muliokela will pay after winning the elections which is also a good move…. Kikikikiki Zambian comedians, tefintu.

  12. Nice to see that there’s someone willing to waste 50 grand on this guy. If anyone else out there has a 50 grand or more they would like to throw away please let me know.

  13. Ataase with this political commedian who failed to raise 10pin in the last election, shut up iwee!