MMD MPs’ desperate attempt to derail MMD – PF alliance

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD
Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Treasurer Ms Elizabeth Chitika has rubbished a press advert posted in the Post newspaper of Saturday 6th February, 2016 by outgoing MMD Members of Parliament who are fighting to derail an alliance between MMD and PF.

Led by outgoing Lunte MP Felix Mutati, these rebel MPs support an alliance between MMD and UPND and are demanding for a convention before April 30th 2016 to elect a new Party President who will support and MMD-UPND alliance. They desperately wish to beat the dissolution of Parliament which will take place in May this year. Mrs. Chitika has said these selfish MPs realize that they now have less than 90 days and  will be stripped of their ‘Honourable’ titles and will have no voices hence their extreme desperation to push for a convention since there is now a race against time.

“It is very obvious that Felix Mutati and his gang of ‘dishonourable’ MPs have gone into over-drive as the MMD clock ticks away and their hope of a convention fades away before their very eyes. I reiterate, the convention will not be held no matter what they do. The party is well aware that for a very long time Felix Mutati, in his usual cowardly fashion,  was hiding behind shadows and pushing fake voices to champion his selfish presidential ambitions and he has tried all the tricks in the book since 2012 when he miserably lost against Nevers Mumba and has miserably failed to remove him as President of the MMD.

“He is now more desperate than ever  because  President Edgar Lungu of his own accord, approached Dr.Mumba  to consider an alliance between MMD and the Patriotic Front.  This has shattered his secret plans to deliver the MMD structures to the UPND to fight for the Running mate position.  We are aware that he has also been secretly talking to the Patriotic Front in case his deal with the UPND fails.  That is the nature of Felix Mutati,” said Mrs. Chitika.

Mrs Chitika has further asked these MPs to explain the bitter anger they have against Dr. Mumba  just because he made it impossible for them to hijack the MMD.  As they have all said one after the other, they are not interested in standing on the MMD ticket as some have said it is now just  a shell.  She therefore wondered why they are still fighting for a shell.

She said in less than 90 days they have the freedom to leave the ‘shell’,  go and stand on the tickets of desperate parties who are welcoming anyone just for the sake of numbers.  She said the truth is that these MPs are threatened by the possible alliance between MMD and the PF and are spending sleepless nights to derail any hopes of that alliance.

She went on to say the legal threats being vaunted  by these MPs are baseless as the MMD has  done its homework thoroughly on this matter and they risk being sued for Contempt of Court against the December 18, 2014 Supreme Court ruling should they continue their dirty tricks.