I was a bad leader but I’ve repented – Kabimba

ACTING President Wynter Kabimba has directed Shibuyunji District Commissioner Fanwell Mweemba to find land on which Government is to build district offices
Wynter Kabimba

RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba has confessed that he was a bad leader when he was Minister of Justice and secretary general of the Patriotic Front (PF) but has since repented because he now wants to be a good leader and citizen.
And Mr Kabimba has claimed that the current political atmosphere was not in favour of the PF and President Edgar Lungu and that the ruling party was not going to last beyond the 11th August general elections.
Mr Kabimba admitted that he made mistakes while serving as Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF but that that did not mean that he could not have an opportunity to repent and become a good leader.
Answering questions from journalists after reading a communiqué by the opposition political parties at Courtyard Hotel yesterday, Mr Kabimba regretted having been faulty during his reign as Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF.
“I made mistakes when I was in the PF Government but that does not mean that I cannot have the opportunity to repent and become a good leader. I have repented. I could have been a bad leader when I was in Government. I am not perfect and I am faulty like any other human being,” Mr Kabimba said. And Mr Kabimba has charged that the amended Constitution was not a legal document but a political one meant to prevent the opposition political parties from forming government.
Mr Kabimba said the amended Constitution would be trashed once another political party formed government because according to him, the Constitution did not reflect the desires and views of the people.
He said President Lungu and the PF would not be able to remain in Government after the August general elections and vowed that he was going to give away all his money to Zambians if they were going to retain the Head of State in State House.
Mr Kabimba said he had participated in many elections and had learnt to read the political landscape in the country and that according to him, President Lungu was not going to win the general election this year.
He said the Rainbow Party and other opposition political parties were going across the country to mobilise and ensure that the PF was voted out of Government.
“For those who believe PF and President Lungu are going beyond 11th August, let them come and I will give them my last dollar.
I have participated in elections and I know how to read the political landscape. I do not know who Zambians will vote for but I know whom they will vote against. The PF has no skills to win an election and we shall mobilise Zambians against the PF,” Mr Kabimba said.



  1. Guys remember how he conducted him self wen th anti corruption commission summoned him.he shud not be given any chance guys we saw 4 ourselves.

  2. We kolwewe that’s y chiluba fired u from mmd and data removed from ministerial becauz u a useless and u will never chsnge