Saboi: Only a Mad Person Would Leave UPND, I would Rather Stop Politics Than Join PF

Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

University of Zambia Lecturer, and UPND aspiring candidate for Kafue has described as stupid insinuations that she has defected to PF. And the former Shatel songbird has told PF that only an insane being would join PF.
‘I CAN NEVER defect to PF,’ Saboi said. ‘I would rather stop politics than be a ‘pangarian’ (Panga carrying PF cadre). So the PF guys welcoming me to their party and claiming that UPND has instead told Bradford Machila to start campaigning freely is nothing but malicious rumours,’ She said. She was reacting to wild celebrations among PF cadres after their Media Team announced that Saboi had defected from UPND.
‘I would also like to inform all our UPND members that only a mad person would leave UPND to join the sinking Titanic PF boat, so they shouldn’t worry about this rumour,’ she assured.
Saboi narrated that she only came to know of her alleged defection when she switched on her mobile phone after 18hours after a long days work.
‘After Mwaliteta supported the Constitution that prevents him from standing [for elections] due to not having a grade 12 certificate I thought I would be free from PF propaganda, but alas that was wishful thinkin,’ Saboi lamented. ‘Let me inform the PF once again that I am and shall remain a PROUD KACHEMA, proud UPND and PROUD aspiring candidate for Kafue on the UPND ticket, AND NOT any other party. And whoever the party chooses to stand on the UPND ticket, I will support that person with all my heart and soul as UPND is the best party that deserves a chance to prove what it can do for people, and it’s the party of choice for many people today,’ she said.


  1. I think lets just vote instead of counter insulting each other.between upnd members and pf its pf….

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  5. Having gone through the comments, hmmm! Too much emotions and insults. But guys answer this question, when you point 👉 a finger at someone how many fingers point 👉 back at you? You all know how many. I rest my case.

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