Rest in Political Peace HH

Hakainde Hichilema
Politician and businessman Hakainde Hichilema

Smartness in Politics is very important. It is a pity that our so called politician lack political intelligence. Saturday, January 30th the so called opposition leaders met to see how they can work together in the next general election. If someone told me that they are doing this because they love Zambia, l would say that is a lie. They met because they have selfish motives and they know that the only way to have a shot at the Presidency is by riding on each other’s backs.

In this regard l would say that for me this year’s elections will be the easiest for the PF. Because in my opinion HH is making another mistake. It is another own goal. He of all people should know that the call for a Collusion is one way of finishing him and his political career.

Who is his advisor surely. Just from the people at the meeting you can see that it is desperation that has sent HH there. There is Kabimba a close friend of M’membe, VJ a friend of M’membe and Mulongoti another friend of M’membe. Just from this list you can see that Ba HH has gone or taken himself in the mouth of a lion. With MMD almost gone what is to follow is that UPND will soon be out of our political platform.

M’membe for me knows that PF and President Lungu will win the next elections for they are preparing Kabimba and the Rainbow Party for 2021. Make no mistake, don’t underestimate uncle Fred. He understands the Zambian political scene than most people do. He is more a politician than HH and GBM put together.

If l were UPND l would be very careful and cautious about any call for a Pact. A pact means the ambitions for some people to became running mate will be dead. Because if HH becomes the Presidential candidate the Running mate will come from another party say Rainbow- Kabimba.

The question is can either Hichilema or/ and Kabimba accept to work under the other? I will leave it there.

Enjoy the Weekend People

By Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba


  1. You are fully entitled to an opinion. But are you the only voter? Or just trying to register your paid for thought? Leave the choosing to the voters!