Mulenga Sata Ready To Stand As MP

Mulenga Sata
Mulenga Sata

State House Deputy Minister Mulenga Sata says he is ready to contest this year’s parliamentary elections if given an opportunity to stand.
Mr. Sata who is a nominated Member of Parliament tells Qfm News that he is flexible and open to stand wherever the ruling Patriotic Front would need his services and where it will be most suitable for him.
Mr. Sata who is late former president and PF founder Michael Sata’s son says besides his position as State house Deputy Minister being fulfilling, he also enjoys the freedom of being an ordinary member of the ruling party.
He states that what is important for him and what he think should be important for any aspiring political leader is to absorb, learn and be exposed to leadership and the challenges that come with it.
Mr. Sata adds that it is also important for political leaders to remain open minded and versatile, taking into account that they are there to serve the people.



  1. Jst go 2 Mansa as a village headman waumfwa belakubepa mune elofuti uleke ukuteke chuunsu.

  2. I said it. Edgar will just put this guy for Matero. He is so sharp.
    A) ka Miles will be saying fyaba Yama
    B) Mulenga will say fyaba Tata!

  3. Mulenga Sata is young with strong leadership skills. If the cousin was Micheal Sata ‘s son mamama.awe wandi.