Zambia Police
Zambia Police

DEMOCRATIC Front (DF) members who were allegedly attacked by suspected Patriotic Front cadres last week have gone into hiding after lodging complaints with the police, thereby paralysing investigations into the people behind their assault.
Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga told the Daily Nation yesterday that Edwin Mulenga, 38, of house number 22320 of Mulenga compound in Kitwe and John Kanko of house number 2426 of the same compound had failed to avail themselves to the police for investigations to commence.
Ms. Katanga explained that from the day they lodged their complaints, the duo had never returned to the police to provide details of the people who have attacked them. She explained that the police had made efforts to track them down using the residential addresses they had provided at the time they lodged their complaints but that had not yielded any fault.
“From the time these people lodged their complaints, they have never returned to the police to give details that could lead to the identification of the people who attacked them and this has become difficult for the police to commence investigations since we are still waiting for clues from them.
“This has made it difficult for us to do anything. We tried to follow them using the residential addresses they gave us that they lived in Mulenga compound but we cannot find them and that means that we will not identify the suspects,” Ms. Katanga said.
Mr. Mulenga and Mr. Kanko were part of DF members who were waiting for Mr Sampa at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International airport before suspected PF cadres attacked them.