DEMOCRATIC FRONT (DF)- The Story Behind the Party…


The Democratic Front was formed in December 2014, at the height of the fight between Guy Scott with the Cartel on one hand, and PF Secretary General and Minister of Degence Edgar Lungu and the PF Central Committee on the other.
The Democratic Front was formed as a possible alternative to the PF.
It proposed Christine Kaseba or Miles Sampa as it’s presidential candidate.
The DF was registered and it’s deeds kept by Anthony Kasolo ( Purported Acting Deputy Secretary General) but used fronts to register the party.
When Edgar Lungu won all battles against them, they shelved the plans and played the song of reconciliation.
But that was not before Kasolo sought former President Rupiah Banda’s help.
Kasolo proposed to RB, that with his troubles, in the MMD, he could use the Democratic Front (DF) as an a vehicle for his 2015 Presidential ambitions.
However RB declined the offer and pledged to support Edgar Lungu.
Fast forward to November 2015.
After Miles Sampa resigned from his ministerial position on 30th October 2015, he and Anthony Kasolo dusted up the files of the Democratic Front party.
Kasolo proceeded to change registered owners and put new ones as a safe guard measure.
The trouble with Anthony Kasolo is his promotion of tribal inclinations, as he believes falsely, that a few Bembas can form another strong party to liken it to the PF or able to replace the PF.
So who holds the true and original copies of this party? Anthony Kasolo.
But many think Kasolo is destructive and highly tribal to pursue a meaningful natonal agenda using proxies like Miles Sampa (ici ca bayama).
So it’s advised that the DF is a still born idea that failed in 2014/15 and will fail in 2016.
So any political harassment of Miles Sampa and his sponsors will make him an unnecessary victim instead of a tribalist he and his sponsors are.