Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A PASTOR of Miracle and Deliverance Church in Woodlands, Lusaka, has dragged his former congregant to Matero local court on grounds that he called him a Satanist.
This is a case in which Obed Thole sued Cephas Ntani of Chilenje Township for defamation.
Pastor Thole said Ntani on January 13 this year stood on top of his car in George Township and said he was sent by Pastor Thole to distribute coffins in different branches of his church.
Pastor Thole said Ntani had alarmed a number of George Township residents by alleging that he was a Satanist who used coffins in his church.
The pastor said due to Ntani’s remarks, he had lost some members in his church, besides his reputation being tarnished.
“Ntani told George Township residents that I was a Satanist and that I used to send him to deliver coffins, so I have brought him to court so that he tells the court and prove that I am a Satanist and what prompted him to use those words,” he said.
The pastor said Ntani was a crooked man who did not pay him the money that he borrowed.
“I helped Ntani when he came to ask for money from me for his family use, yet he does not appreciate and I am paid back with insults,” he said.
In defence, Ntani denied calling Pastor Thole a Satanist but that it was the George Township residents who labelled him as such. Ntani said Pastor Thole was called a Satanist by several people in various Lusaka townships and wondered why he (Ntani) was fished out.
Passing Judgement, local court magistrate Pauline Newa ordered Ntani to pay Pastor Thole K3,000 and that the duo should live in harmony.