My husband calls me a dirty prostitute

Divorce Court

THE Matero local court has dissolved a marriage between a 39-year-old drunk and his wife for behaving insanely whenever he got intoxicated.
This is a case where Astridah Mulenga of George Township had sued her husband, Edward Hara of the same area, for divorce after his continued abuse of alcohol and for exhibiting abnormal behaviour whenever he was drunk.
Mulenga told the court that her husband had on several occasions opted to staying on the roof top of the house at night whenever he was drunk.
She said when she confronted him about him sleeping on the roof, instead he beat her up and called her a fool.
Mulenga added that Hara behaved normally only whenever he was not drunk but when drunk his behaviour changed like that of a mad person.
Mulenga said that her husband put charms in the middle of the mattress on which she slept, a situation that worried her.
She testified that Hara created a hole in the middle of their mattress where he put some black thick liquid, which prompted her to dispose of the mattress.
“My husband made a hole in the middle of our mattress. I suspected it was for charms used to boost his bar business. Inside the hole there is oil which drips under the bed, I don’t know what that is. I hope could explain it to the court! I came across these bizarre occurrences when sweeping the bedroom the previous week,” she said.
Mulenga said Hara was a weird man as he insulted his parents. Mulenga said she was no longer in love with Hara as the insults had dented her reputation within the area.
She said Hara also had a habit of killing every pet that she bought on grounds that he did not want any animal in his house as he felt inferior around them.
“My husband calls me a dirty prostitute and insults his relatives as well as his customers whenever he gets drunk. He even threatens to kill me,” Mulenga narrated the ordeal amid sobs.
In defence, Hara said he loved his wife and that he owned her since he had paid dowry in full to her parents.
Hara said he had never spent a night on the roof top of the house, stating that the only time he went there was to fix some electrical cables.
He said he did not know who created a hole in the mattress and wondered why his wife had to concoct such lies in court to frame him.
“I love my wife and I am not ready for divorce. We have been together for a long time, so I hope she changes her mind towards divorcing me because I have been a good husband to her,” Hara said.
Magistrate Pauline Newa, in passing judgment, granted the couple divorce and ordered the duo to share all the property they worked for together.