Miles Sampa launches Democratic Front (DF)


Miles Sampa, Rachel Chileshe, Anthony Kasolo and Eric Chanda failed to address Press Conference at MOBA Hotel in Kitwe.

They later launched the party in the night.





Date: 21st January, 2016


I would like to inform the general public of my decision to resign from the Patriotic Front (PF) effective 21st January 2016.

My decision came about as a result of the intolerance, hate, vengeance and violent conduct towards party members; including those who supported me at the Kabwe convention in 2014.

As a firm believer of peace and democracy, I feel a number of people were not and have not been accorded the right to express themselves freely and that in itself has created disharmony from within. My efforts to unite the party have proved futile last 12 months.

The current PF in looks and conduct reminds me of the MMD of 2011 that instilled fear in the general public. I choose to disassociate myself from such a grouping and wish them well.

To the beloved people of Matero, be assured that there will be no by-Election in Matero as a result of my resignation. The new constitution effectively implies that I will be with you to finish off all the pending projects and programmes until the general elections.

I will be holding a press conference tomorrow where I will be issuing a comprehensive statement.

Miles Bwalya Sampa
Matero MP

In December 2015 (zambian watchdog ) Reported the following: [December 23, 2015]

Sampa to register party called DF to split PF, then fight to be running mate

Matero PF Member of Parliament Miles Sampa is in the process of registering a new political party to be called the Democratic Front (DF) with the aim of splitting PF then negotiate to be running mate, if the country will go for a second round of voting.

The Watchdog understands that former vice president Guy Scott will be floated as Sampa’s deputy president while former Women in Mining chairperson Namakau Kaingu will be Secretary General.

Sources close to ground works have disclosed to the Zambian watchdog that the documents for the application are likely to be submitted by Sampa’s proxies in the course of next week or early January 2016.

The source further said that initially the party was supposed to be called the Zambia Patriotic Front but there was advice that it may be rejected by the PF cadres running the registrar of societies and therefore frustrate their plans.

“Miles Sampa is the leader of the party but there are also many other MPs and ministers in the PF who will support him and if they are expelled they will go to court with the hope that they hold on to their parliamentary seats until when parliament is expected to be dissolved about May or June,” said the source.

According to the plan, Sampa knows that he would not win the election but in the event that there is a run-off then he would use that as a bet to negotiate that he becomes the running mate for either President Edgar Lungu or UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, the two most likely front-runners.


Sampa is also banking on the fact that some PF MPs may not be adopted on PF ticket because Lungu will be faced with the challenge of accepting the candidates to be imposed on him by former President Rupiah Banda.



  1. Miles the only thinq you know most is to facilitate the efforts of others and mountinq basket corts in matero… I tell you your move is immature.. You are a leader in matero but yet not seen by everyone, and you think that those drunkards of matero who dont even have voters cards are enouqh for you to win…..try 2070 mr.cadre!

  2. Who needs a new party,his useless vima political party sack na half mu country pipo r still lauching sum mo.wat a waste.

  3. But this new twist in DF,where does it leave Sampa?the owner of DF,a Kitwe lawyer has threatened to report Sampa to police for impersonation

  4. You disapointed me Miles u would av over thrown ur uncle bcoz ur presidential ambition.what kind of simbol z that here on earth,nd pipo ar busy raisng their finger hahahahahaha.

  5. its important for a wise man to recognise the value he has as the head not the tail. The tail wil never lead the head. miles sampa is the head unlike the chishimba kambwiri , shamenda etc who want to be the tail of Edgar chagwa lungu. no wonder pf is doing nothing because of the tails in pf no heads.

  6. No well meaning Zambian will support this, firstly we know for sure voting for Miles Sampa is wastage of votes as he can never win an election, at-least not 2016 and secondly he is trying to divide the votes for EL, but am positive that he will not go beyond Matero constituency come August he will be moaning his money which will go to wast.

    • Self fish at work, the guy had a best chance he would hav waited groomed and he was going to take over frm EL, any Gods plans are humans, we may see him to be fit for the job come 2021 in pf, bt who knows wat God has for him politically.

    • Yes you are right all ne needed was to wait for 5 years, then he would have continued from there, yes he has the potential but he is in a hurry to rule.

    • Yes @ Gracious Mombutu, you are right she too was big headed and thought the people would support her, but it was such a great miss.

  7. wrong move if u ask me. probably this is why he left the pf – prwsidential ambitions. Dont get me wrong he is free to have ambition – Miles there are several ways u can serve the zambians without necessarily being President! look at the political scene in zambia now and u have js increased the confusion.