Zambia’s first digital K150, 000 lottery launched


Paper Chaser, an SMS lottery from Botswana has launched in Zambia. The concept of the lottery is to “SMS to win big” where participants send a text message costing K5 via the MTN network to stand a chance of winning a weekly prize of K2,000, monthly prize of K25,000 and a grand prize of K150,000 every 3 months. Following the success of the mobile lottery in Botswana, Paper Chaser aims to have a regional foot print with Zambia been the start of this expansion outside Botswana. The motive for Paper Chaser Zambia is to provide a substantial windfall for the SMS lottery winners and enable them to make significant changes in their financial stature.

“Through this lottery, we will be able to contribute to the local community where every grand prize award is accompanied by a donation to an identified charity” says Batho Motubudi Managing Director of Paper Chaser Promotions; the Gaborone based entrepreneurial initiative which founded the lottery in 2013. Motubudi noted that while similar competitions exist on the Zambian market, Paper Chaser is unique in that the awards are presented as cash as opposed to physical prizes. The cash prizes will allow the winners easier access to the money without the challenge of converting a physical prize into liquid currency.

The grand prize of K150, 000 will be awarded quarterly through the year 2016 among the other weekly and monthly prizes. Paper Chaser hopes that the winners of the grand prize will utilise the funds to improve their economic well-being.

Participants can play the lottery game by texting “paperchaser” to 7808. The public can follow the competition via social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where the winners will be announced.


Paper Chaser Promotions is a privately funded and owned business whose core business is SMS based competitions and lotteries. Their corporate mantra is to harness technology in various markets and to increase mobile utilization in the market.