A NEW breakaway political party from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), to be called the Democratic Front Party (DFP), has been formed and is likely to be launched this week.

The party has been formed by some of the PF members of the central committee who contested the ruling party’s presidency at its last emergency national congress following the death of President Michael Sata in October last year.
Forms and other stationery for the new party have been distributed in Northern Province where alternative structures have been established, according to PF Kasama district youth secretary Aaron Zimba and the Daily Nation is in possession of the same documents.
The disgruntled PF members of central committee have now regrouped with the hope of contesting this year’s Presidential and general elections to undermine and weaken the PF to make it impossible for the ruling party to garner the required 50 per cent plus 1 vote.
The group hopes to play “king maker” with an opposition party and therefore gain power through a political alliance.
The breakaway political party is said to be bankrolled by some external financiers who are channeling their money through a named media house in the country following the failure by the Wynter Kabimba-led Rainbow Party to gain national support.
But PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya said the PF had heard rumours that some known PF members were planning to form a political party but stated that such a political party would have no effect on the PF because it would be like a branch cut off from the main tree.
He said the ruling party had heard testimonies by people allegedly being recruited by the leadership of the breakaway party that the structures had been formed in selected regions of the country.
He said the group of PF members planning to form their own political party was doing so after having vowed that they had reconciled with the PF and President Lungu.
He said the new political party was going to be formed at the ‘‘backdrop of a chain of lies’’ because the known leaders of the party had declared their loyalty to the Head of State.
“We are happy as the PF, the party led by a reasonable and accommodating leader in the name of President Lungu, did not fall into the trap of expelling members who had been looking forward to be forced out of the party.
‘‘It had become very clear some memebrs of the central committee were looking for an excuse to be expelled so that he could blame President Lungu for their exit. But President Lungu had been smart and knew that such members were looking for someone to blame for leaving the PF and creating an impression that the Head of State was purging the relatives of late President Sata and the Bembas from the ruling party,” Fr Bwalya said.
Meanwhile, Mr. Zimba told the Daily Nation from Kasama yesterday that the breakaway political party had already formed structures in Northern Province.
He said the party in the province was born under the disguise of a football tournament dubbed the Michael Chilufya Sata Memorial Tournament which took place in Kasama between November last year and January this year.
“It is nothing new to us because we know that there are some old members of the PF who have been drafted into the provincial structure in order to weaken us. These are the same people who have been going round the province, and Kasama in particular, collecting NRCs, voters’ card numbers and phone numbers for their recruits,” Mr Zimba said.



  1. Do not underrate Miles Sampa the ground hs been set for all Zambians to realise that it is possible to make a decision out of poverty and is gone in the same manner MMD went.lolo.


  3. BA sampa ninshi muna dyamo kuli hh?why do u wnt to confuse us mu pf? at first u dd it but we recieved u as mwana wa pakomo nd u re doing it again pa last minute?God wil punish u nd u won’t go anywhere but pf wil remain victorious. ask winter nd munkombwe musela kwakaba .viva pf. we shall stand nd win without u. fo those who wnt to follow him u cn go before its too late we wnt to organize ourselves okey. together we stand God help Edgar c LUNGU.

  4. Even though five parties may come together lungu Will stil be the unbeatable one,Lets bet If u say no

  5. these are just levels of how disorganised we r as zambia,,how many parties will we ever have????y cant we only have MMD,UPND N PF..unlike every one including nawakwi,mulyokela etc think can b president wen they will never b,and I wonder were these pipo get the FAKE courage from.

  6. i hope they will all be the presidents,i know they will stil spret since there all power hungly,

  7. All this is confirming prophecy given over zambias election in august and who is winning. bearly 3weeks from prophecy and its already started

  8. DFP ba sampa u are goin no were u can ask yo friend winter kabimba how things are now in his nashala neka part………………u hve resigned frm pf nd how are u goin to pay back de loan u got frm indo bank

  9. pride goes before distruction,God wil always resist the proud and give way to the humble,people wil just chew his money and disapoint him.

  10. Time will tell, i have no problem with this, somehow i just lost confidence in our politicians.They just don’t have Zambia at heart.Its like each one for himself and who has a chance to get rich via politics and not working truly for Mother Zambia.If and only if, our politicians hard Zambia at heart, am sure we would have had 2 main political parties and 2 would still be enough in a democratic country so we claim.Because if we had 2 political parties people would mean business for real and not all of us wanting to be bosses.You can imagine a house with 10 fathers in it,all wanting to lead, what kind of a house would that be?Some have to be kids, a wife,workers and husband as the heard of the house,Zambia is one and only one person can be president at a time.

  11. these are signs of a desperate person who hopes to become next president.its not good to be recycling people when others hv not been tried

  12. these are signs of a desperate person who hopes to become next president.its not good to be recycling people when others hv not been tried

  13. Ideally, is to split the vote for pf & give advantage to the opposition & if that happens, a re-run is possible, when the re run is done, Democratic Front Party will back the opposition so that pf loses lamentably.Wapya munzi,pf in trouble. The same person you say is not a factor now as pf, you’ll now see how he becamz a factor at that time.Watch the pace of MS.He’s there to do the damage to pf.Ignore him now but you’ll remember him tomorrow.

    • Some of the allegations are worrying esp of SP wanting to kill MS.MS is a Kolomo Sec School in SP product!went to campus as a product of Sp. 2de pipo want to trivialize issues for political gain of which am sad & touched.Much as I understand that he doesn’t own pipo but…However,am gotten into another web of issues, let me sort out this one maybe I’ll come back to you soonest. I wanted us to debate more & further educate each other.I may learn something from you in a similar matter you could have learnt from my opinion of thought, thanx & may ref to our debate. Please, take care.

  14. Zambians surely, all of us think the favour of high leadership is bestowed on all of us by God, NO…God knows who, hence not all of us can be that especially by hook or crook. God hates people who ask for His favour with selfish interests, and there is a number of these political chaps; Winter Kabimba, Miles Sampa name it, it’s not possible guys we beg of you. All what you’re doing is to divide the country and take it backwards in terms of forging ahead with development. What is wrong with fusing into the already existing meaningful bigger parties if you mean well and care for this country, than starting from zero and just confusing the electorate??? Zambian politics, awe mwe, I get disgusted…

  15. It’s that thing of saying..tukafilila munsenga. …they want to help opposition win..reminded of women in king Solomon’s story…like if I can’t have it no one will…

  16. Hungry for president with no plans,no vision, dirty minded. Now wet and see who gona make it to 50+1. It will lyk Zimbabwe mugabe alone coz any1 who has a business think of becoming a president. Jst open a company ad employee zed pipo not invo vapuba wat u re doing? Relish mind.

  17. As a party we are not afraid of this we have been in this before and we emerged winners! let them go ahead it is their democratic right but we will meet on the ground!

  18. Sampa u 2 young and childish 2 rule zambia kam 2016 u wil even lose yo sit in parliament……even if u pipo wer 2 join hands with HH, GBM,MASEMBO. Believe u me u cnt bit Hiz Exellence L

  19. wen your enemy is in problems you hve celebrate,as a upnd surpoters that is a most welcome stance taken by sampa.

  20. people with a heart for the poor Zambians would do that. only if GOD is dead will let us die with hunger if not,he will save us

    • lol,,bali navo chitika bantu,,,, i never saw this actually,,, there is another party that was announced a few weeks ago,,,full of young vibrant leaders,,, then thez this! yaba! they will just split the votes

  21. Let them form their party there is no problem with forming a political party what matters is the recognition of the people.

  22. more money in yo tumbas, low tax,90 dayz shani shani no manifesto vote green party with a vision naimwe ya ubukopo bubi.

  23. Miles only this tym u hv dspointed me…u cnt wait for yo tym..its high pipo undstandn time

  24. That is good news. Let’s hope the DFP will be a good/god-fearing Party which will strengthen “Pluralism i.e Multiparty-Democracy”. JESUitist-J/UDAist.

  25. winter kabimba was more influential in pf than and how far has winter gone wit rainbow ,just one councillor and sampa thinks he can be president

  26. Zambia wil not dvlop.The problem we hav z that we hav a lot of greedy & selfish indvidual hiden agendas planted among us. We dont want 2 work hand in gloves with others & this z th rzon y we hav so many parties. Dvsions & breakaways wont take us anywhere, let us learn 2 share & unite.

  27. its a pity to note that some we still have a lot of people who are power hungry. 50 plus one will see them thru. Instead of making our country a better place others are busy trying to satisfy their ego. PF NAFUTI

  28. There are only three credible parties in Zed, that will be another “Nashala neka party” PF epulogilamu!!

  29. Guys don’t underestimate sampa, if this all thing is tribal then it wil be difficult for us zambian to choose cuz now its tribal jst saying…..

  30. who is their president? people don’t just leave, they follow someone whom they think will lead them.

  31. Problem you do not want to join the existing parties simply because you all want utuma horse kuntanshi ya motorcade yenu. You all can’t be presidents mwe bantu and you better be careful with your resources bambi nibakandile.

  32. Am yet to read the constitution as to how many political parties and what criteria to contest presidency. Hope Muliokela and Sondashi wont emerge from their slumber and contest in August

  33. Sampa is just a threat to himself, because this maybe the end of his political career. He is too ambitious and speed thrills, but it kills as RTSA may put it. Instead of putting the votes together they have chosen to spread them encouraging unnecessary issues like reruns. Nevertheless wina azalila because they are abusing there democratic rights, which has become so funny. Everyone wants to be a President sad development for mother Zambia, this is even giving me more appetite to vote for ECL.

    • Duncan Muyungano,my brother do they allow mad pipo to vote in Zambia?dont call anyone whose opinion is different from you as mad,if you went to eastern province,will pipo from there feel good if they heard you say that?politics is about convincing pipo on your ideas not insults,if the person you ve in mind is voted and fails to deliver in 12 months,are you going to call yourself mad for having voted for him?in Zambia i dont knw where politics are taking pipo to,language too crude

  34. kabimba was powerful he formed his party with the view of dividing mighty PF where is he today. let dem go we meet on 11th Aug

  35. Corrupted people with corrupted mind, Zambia will never develop unless we future leaders start ruling. They ‘re all power hungry, want to get rich not to develop the nation. Which country in developed countries or in Africa has as many political parties as Zambia. Foolish minds.

    • Don’t Be Idiot Do U Know How Many Political Party Do We Have In DRC? There’s 270 Party So Shut Up, Pfool Cadre Dont Expose Your Ignorance In Public.

  36. Sampa is not yet mature in politics, PF is not jst a party bt government!! Kabimba was once a substance n a vocal guy h thot h can stand on his own, look at him now! There was Mulongoti in mmd look at him now. He wil wish to rejoin PF at som point, let him taste police cells first akalapila h is bin deceived by thoz spacois he loaned out

  37. twalema nazo izo, were is kabimba wen he formed RP it ws same story. remember its donchi kubeba muchende.

  38. He can not win 2016 elections.kuwaya wayafye let them form their party we can not vote for them.Baletulufyafye.

  39. Which provinces wil sampa get 1000 suporters?Bcoz tht man he’s ONLY known in matero.

  40. Just hummer the nail and say Miles Sampa not ifya some of them.PF is larger than some of them,Nu Lungu! Nafuti! Nafuti!

  41. Pf became divided after the mulungushi conference and any analysts is not surprised by this development it was expected

  42. The party is bigger than individuals let them go PF will remain stronger than ever before where is Kabimba and his rainbow? Bachepa sana.

    • Ba davies u ar still a baby in politics, every party starts frm de ground, so y should u start comparing rainbow party to other parties whc hav been in existance for mny years, give rainbow party 5 yrs u ill c.

    • Ba davies u ar still a baby in politics, every party starts frm de ground, so y should u start comparing rainbow party to other parties whc hav been in existance for mny years, give rainbow party 5 yrs u ill c.

  43. “..has been formed…” is it registered? the time frame for theme to show the nation what ‘they’ are offering is minimal. Do not be diverted. #DevelopmentNamumonaKabiliMutwishike

  44. now PF is in danger.stiping off of northern province will see PF loosing.remember the margin in the january elections. am afraid.

    • Continue campaigned for 4 months and PF had only 3 weeks and you lost.and now you are thinking of uprooting someone who’s already at the helm.grow up politically you U/5’s!

  45. Which side is Sunday Chanda? He has disappeared from the limelight. Has his political career ended before it actually began?

    • This is a break away party and so getting 200 supporters from each province is very simple.The same guys who have decided to break away have supporters and relatives from all over who they have already convinced to mobilise the people.Its rough for PF bane.

    • My dear presentation of cadres will b done at provincial level no need of ferring cadres this time. It will b vry simple you jx send 1 truck to each province wth some cash 2 carry n pay registerd cadres simple