Police record warn & caution statement from VJ

Vernon Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga

Police have recorded a warn and caution statement from Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga for seditious practices under section 67 of the penal code.
Dr. Mwaanga arrived at Central Police at exactly 9hrs in the company of his wife Edna amidst a heavy down pour.
This follows complaints filed by MMD National Youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo and National Revolution Party (NRP) President Dr. Cosmo Mumba over a story he gave to Post newspaper urging the opposition to closely monitor the tallying of votes in the August elections to prevent rigging.vj laughingstock
Dr. Mwaanga was represented by lawyers, Keith Mweemba, William Mushota, Mwangala Zaloumisi and Clavel Sianondo.
And speaking to journalists shortly after the interview, Dr. Mwaanga urged Zambians to fight hard for the freedoms his generation fought for.
He says his generation fought so hard for such freedoms and that there is need for this generation and the coming ones to uphold these rights.
The veteran politician who emerged from the Police interview around 12:15, was also accompanied by Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo, Kalomo’s Request Muntanga, Chongwe PF MP Sylvia Masebo and Ikeleng’i Member of Parliament Elijah Muchima.