WESTERN governments plotting the downfall of President Lungu – Kapata


WESTERN governments plotting the downfall of President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front should know that Zambia is a sovereign State and their meddling in the country’s politics will be considered an act of subversion, Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata has charged.

And Ms Kapata has said the planned amalgamation of the opposition political parties and civil society organiszations in the so-called ‘‘super secret pact’’ was doomed to fail because one of the opposition leaders in the pact would want to dominate the others.

Ms Kapata has warned Western governments allegedly financing regime change in Zambia that it was a breach of diplomatic etiquette for foreign countries to meddle in the country’s political affairs.

She charged that any foreign country that would be found to be sponsoring activities that were inimical to Zambia’s democracy and peaceful transition would compel Government to consider severing its diplomatic relations with such a country.

She told the Daily Nation yesterday that reports that some Western governments were plotting the downfall of President Edgar Lungu for transgressions he did not commit could easily strain the diplomatic relations Zambia was currently enjoying with these countries.

Ms Kapata said it would be irresponsible for foreign countries to start financing anarchy and chaos in Zambia in a bid to influence regime change, stating that Zambia had enjoyed peace since independence and would not allow what had happened in other countries in the region and some parts of Africa to spill over to the country.

She said Government would start closely monitoring some media mother bodies that were allegedly receiving funding from donors under the pretext of media development or promoting press freedom because there was a danger that such funding could be used to advance subversive activities in the country.

“We have been informed that some foreign countries are bringing a lot of money into the country to finance a programme code-named ‘Lungu must go’ so that there should be a change of Government after the general elections this year,” Ms Kapata said. And Ms Kapata said the planned grand coalition of opposition political parties and civil society organisations to defeat the PF in the coming general elections would not succeed because one of the opposition leaders was going to choose to domineer over other leaders.

He claimed alliances born out of convenience and without a common ideological agenda often never lasted and that it was likely that the pact that was being mooted by a senior retired politician was not going to succeed because President Lungu had given Zambians what they wanted and were ready to renew his mandate to continue governing.

Ms Kapata said Zambia had seen alliances including the one that was formed between the PF in the opposition and the UPND but could not last because one leader exhibited domineering traits.




  1. Just afraid of loosing. I see she’s already seing herself in opposition. Who may want to influence the removal of Lungu in Zambia where there is no oil. Mugabe put Lungu in power, as we saw how Lungu frequented Zimbabwe before elections. Mugabe was even already in Zambia while we where still voting. And oh thank God I hear the same Mugabe is finally gone. RIP.

  2. please close those media mother bodies if suspected-No mercy. look at other countries experiencing war.

  3. Please don’t accuse the devil he is innocent it’s us who have the problem with our leadership and don’t forget that we are in Africa already it’s raining and what are we doing?complaining as ussual..

  4. hehehe shallow reasoning. ..you owe them lots of mula and you want to cut off diplomatic ties with them?

  5. PF and Jean Kapata have been caught in their own lies now they want to threaten western countries, pf has lamentably failed and come 11 August dust bin wi’l be their place

  6. iyeee remember evn pampkins we import!and thoz euro bonds hv u already found money to pay back?

  7. Sometimes if there is not much to do,at a particular day refrain from such sentiment causes iit sho

  8. As you comment remember the kaloba that you keep on borrowing to spend without a proper payback plan. Osa kamba naningi. You need them more than they need you.

  9. If you a chibola kwikalafye. What can you do with western countries. If you shut the deplomatic relation with them that will be gud redance on their part. They dont need zambia. Imagine cutting relation with usa, uk, germany, fance and many supporting hh who will loose out?

  10. Already looking for excuses to defend their looming defeat ahead.! Ba Kapata if you did everything according to the rules of the land,there is no need to fear or panic. Those are just hearsays and those western countries could have just seen potential in one of the presidential contenders hence their support. Don’t cry now its too early to talk about failed alliances. There will be agreements of course,so concentrate on finding lasting solutions to the problems faced by the country and ignore the unnecessary. Please.!

  11. Theres absolutely NOTHING WRONG that President Lungu has done to anyone in this country .The problem is the opposition is just hateful in their politics . They demonstrated this hate with late president sata mhsrip through that despicable online ZWD of theirs. It was headline news whenever his health took a turn for the worse and publishing photos of him in his ill state . They were Like vultures lying in wait of his death , so they could ascend to power , but God could not allow such wickedness and instead of them he gave the instruments of power to lungu .How can u win with such hatred ?Now they want to demonise an innocent man in edgar lungu , who has not given anyone cause for hatred …the good news is … THEY WILL LOSE AGAIN .

  12. Not even hiding a peace ofwords,westerners are turning african states into toillet tissues,they want to ruin africa with there sill strategies like egypt,iran iraq and ukraine!check this out bakamba,romba uzakakhala next neighbour uli victim,ngenamo tiwone.imwe nati!

  13. One day someone will accuse his or her shadow.let us wait and see.Tribalism yavuta kupangilapo political milage tayamba ma foreigners phuuuuu!

  14. They cannot succeed, ‘if God be for us, who can be against us.’ It will never, never, and never happen.

  15. Problem is Zambians we get easily blinded by gifts. Wake up y’all, stop being blinded by talks live reality. Zambia is very rich bt yet we still poor coz our for fathers have been to fucking greedy to share. So its either we vote wisELy or you give our country to the highest bidder. Am just saying bt the choice is yours.

    • Is it the same complaints who went global trotting getting Kaloba from international Shyllocks. The Biblical principle is clear bába,“ A borrow is a slávě to the lender“

  16. Western countries with advanced democratic practices get worried when a country with whom they have bilateral agreements start abrogating some of the agreements. Some key agreements include supporting the Balance of Payment, financing development projects, trade agreements and others. These agreements also set out minimum standards epecially in governance and economic management. Key standards include zero tolerance to corruption, freedoms of speech and assiciation, free press, prudent financial/economic management etc. The govt should check itself against these. If Western countries get concerned, these could be the issues though it would be inappropriate to call genuine concerns as” plotting against regime change”.

  17. Kapata should start saying something about her fellow teammates saying bad things about other tribes.Just let other parties campaign in peace and worry about the ballot.The Western nations can’t make us do what we don’t want after all these years!Worry about the way treat the country and the electorate

  18. Tell us which nations are those? If you hide such nations from us, then why tell us about the story? Useless Lusaka Voice!!

  19. Idiots does she know what she is talking about. For them everything is intimidation

  20. the pressure of match elections has already started to itimidate some pipo mentally, now that tribal references won’t work in 2016 they have began sense other western countries not liking Mr Changwa as tho those countries will even take part in voting lol

  21. what kind of a threat is lungu to th west 4 thm to b aganst him? o i knw z that our lungu z coward. kapata z just blame shifting because they hav failed to fix th economy

  22. Am sure #kapata is not clearly together up in her head, what peace is she talking about when the majority Zambians have no access to decent livelihood. Absence of war does not mean peace. If i may ask, can someone be at peace with an empty stomach?

  23. well I see no truth in this story let’s just be objective let’s pliz we need evidence madam kapata this is careless talk becoz what I know is if there are such issue these governments have ambassadors or representatives here in zambia before running to the media engage these people as its called deplomacy kaya vizungu….so I think there is something wrong with this story….the ministry of foreign affairs is the right wing to deal with this? not a party deputy secretary General……

  24. Madam kapata remind these gud fo nothing western states tht zambia is enjoying her sovereignity and any country found wanting we shall deal with it…

  25. Some of these statements have serious diplomatic and bilateral implications. Stop making yourselves important when you are not…what will western countries gain from Lungu’s losing elections?

  26. Citizens who pay Tv Levy belong to different political parties.Dead NBC is a National Broadcaster expected to render balanced coverage to all political parties.But wat do we see ? Same diagrams and their party being covered .Its boring to watch Dead NBC channel its Kambwili,Mumbi,Chama,Chanda,Father to no children Bwalya all over the show.People are now pay other interesting channels. Why borrow Huge sums of money frm western country if u are self-reliant? Kapita’s pronoucement does not hold water at all.Zambia is now turning into a Dictatorship. We have suffered as citizens. We want change and not being led by people who dont care for us ordinary citizens. Look at our late bro.Nsanda how much pounds were found in his home! Power is sweet but its time to go.No two ways about it! A minister ‘s salary is equal if not more than my retirement package.Do u think they are feeling any pinch? Wat Global?

  27. Stop playing with western countries. They wil stop giving u KALOBA as our government is depending in loans from western countries including China.

  28. Then stop importing foreigners to come and vote for you,mind you we know about the voter card scam

  29. it’s true! we’ve experienced the same situation in great lakes region(rwanda,burundi,tanzania and congo, and they want to destabilize SADC region,we know that,they want to start by zambia,after zambia,the target is Zimbabwe they continue to deal with south africa, you have seen that americans started warning south africans saying that they will punish them if SA doesn’t allow their chicken to enter freerly in south africa, that’is false allegation and u will see, Our hero Zuma is targeted,u have seen that he is accused of taking corruption from late president Ghadafi of libya………!! ! These white stupid don’t want to see africans enjoying peace, they use chaos&divide rule system to take opportunity in order to steal our great wealth! BANTOUS PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP!! IT SI NOT ONLY THE PROBLEM OF HUTU FROM RWANDA,BURUNDI OR CONGO, IT’S GENERALLY ISSUE FOR ALL BANTOUS PEOPLE OF AFRICA!!! The westeners are using Museveni of Uganda anda Paul kagame of rwanda to destabilize the whole region! You zambians u have to open your eyes!!!

  30. some people are ignorant how do you ague with things you don’t know for them to say this,they have found out,scared pf? now if any thing happens you start blaming them rubbish.everything is to criticise.as for me its a good move.this happened in Malawi.I think furnishing the image of a current government is bad cause the results still hit us the masses. you should thing .that’s y you called opposition.opposing everything.

  31. I give them 100% of my support because Lungu and his counterparts ar becoming too stabborn now..

  32. Thats wat is happening in my mother malawi some donors are sponsoring medias & NGO’s to tanishing the image o Goverment. Shame to JB & the like

  33. They want to fund political parties that can bring homosexuallaty.E.g Ba rainbow party nd upnd

  34. Unpatriotic people u want even to sell the country because of your motive to change Government remember how western did to Gadarff of Libya see what’s happening in Libya now u mean at your houses u just welcome anyone evil just because he or she can buy u melie meal? Remember if they helping regime change then u pay for re it one day

  35. Zambians stop involving God become of your failure to run the government. Wars started like this in these countries where there is war, we have been hearing a lot of hateful speeches from both minister and oppositions parties. In short there is too much greed in our politians which it will lead into civil war and remember that it us the poor who are going to suffer. We just need people who can understand politics better than morons we have. It’s One Zambia One nation and together will be strong and Free. TUYENDE PAMODZI NAMUTIMA UMODZi.

  36. zambia feeds so many countries in the southern africa i woundr why some pipo still considers our country to be useless .zambia is a sovering state


  38. very reckless comments from jean kapata. i wonder why PF ministers feel lazy to think before they yap.

    • Under God’s care??? Here is how your President mocks God, Comemoration of the Declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation. Whom did Lungu thought can represent govt. very? Wow it was a Lusaka Top Bar owner. not even a Veep, or Inner circle minist

  39. Declare one party state ,we are fade up with evil act of abused democracy

  40. Stupid negative comments,what’s wrong with you Zambians,your country is under a serious attack,and u are making it more toxicating,fake patriots

  41. Their intervention is welcome because Lungu and his team are becoming stuborn.They want to cause a civil war wth their reckless divisive statements they make.The Western countries are fed up of being asked for loans.This is the money the Chimbwilis are building 40 houses wth. PF borrows or gets loans which ends up into their pockets.Shame!

  42. Holy Ghost Fire!! No weapon formed against us will prosper in this Mother Zambia…because God ALMIGHTY the SOVEREIGN Ruler of the Whole world is with us through and through..May God Almighty be with us in Christ Our Lord and Saviour Amen.

    • i agree with you my bro, but let us also show that GOD reign in this country, number 1) its only dat time that GOD gave mana to israelites, today he requires you and i to workxed sweat to have a meal if you say GOD ill improve the enconomy while we are relaxed it wont happen. number 2) preach peace and mean it not you preach one zambia one nation behind busy promoting tribalism GOD is not MOCKED he can instead punish the land for a sin of a group of leaders doing opposite of wat they say. we must be very careful with this GOD we mention in thing even useless ones.

  43. They want to bring instability we must wake up. Regime change must happen without external influence otherwise 4 the first tym in zambia’s history we will be made to run for our lives & regret like the case in most war torn countries particularly Africa & the Middle East. If regime change happens, let it happen thru the ballot & every political leader must accept the outcome. some politicians are over ambitious & are not willing to lose elections. Some named newspaper is trying to prepare some parties not to accept the outcome but Zambia is bigger than them lets unite & defeat satan & his agents of doom & confusion

  44. Kapata should understand that there time for everything. So if there time to enjoy is running out, they should just accept just the way they accepted when enjoyment smelled to them in 2011

  45. A leader needs to censor every idea before its uttered becoz every word or sentence as long as it is from a higher profile person is significant. This can create a sour rapport with countries that have stood with us for long

  46. Threatening the hand that feeds u amid your own failures ? Cut diplomatic ties with malawi instead remember vincent mwale ferried these guys

  47. kapata jst worried coz to lose,wat re u sayin?bt u re seeing the blood everyday coz by yo pf en police caders en u cant tel them to stop! very useless oneday u wil pay aswel

  48. Whether we need them most or they need us less we can’t stand and see such idiocy to happen because the results are costly and they’re not far fetched for illustrations.. e.g Syria and Libya. So those who are bent to see their tribal political party to be hushed into office at anything think twice.

    • The situation in Scan’t was caused by blutal dictatorship that was busy in the massacre of their own citizens in order to suppress the cry fór democracy. I’m sure if you are well informed, you are aware of the gassing civilians by their govt. The west only come in to arm the victims of Assad’s blutality. And please stop reading from a script that is intended to label the alternative govt. as tribal coz that is very far from the truth. UPND can boast of presence in all the 10 provinces & has representation in its execo. Actually it is those who are calling UPND tribal, who are themselves tribal, coz they can accept the fact that any region oř tribe in Zambia can produce a head of Státe.

    • Chibesabantu, I’m sure you & me, the ořdinary citizen can afford to live without the donor funds, but i can assure you, these reckless borrower we have in office have such a great appetite fór debts that its almost every month that another debt is contacted. The situation is so alarming, such that there are certain months that Civil servant are paid borrowed money. Besides its not true to asume that if PF is out of power then homosexuality will be legal. remember the same thing was said about PF. In case you don’t know, the likes of Dora Siliya went across the country telling the electorates that Sata & PF are western puppets who will bring homosexuality to Zambia. This is the main reason why the supreme Court nullified her parliamentary seat.
      Note: Afričan has 54 Countries & only RSA & to a larger extent Botswana allow homosexuality. & these two do not even depend on foreign aid. Coz their reserves are larger than somě western countries.

  49. rubbish instead of sicking solution for dead economy busy scared of other country what a gorvernment?

  50. It’s true some western countries are in occultism there embracing God threatens them! But God is bigger than any nation! Ever since we prayed to God over Zambia the devil has been trying to frustrate this nation!! Watch and pray Zambians. This is a spiritual matter spiritual welfare

    • anti-someone in place of……christ…….ure simply a person who thinks is a christian but. wit d mind of satan…….as a tru christian why r u sayin dat?????

    • Pray for rains please. And a good economy so that citizens stop facing harsh price increases.

    • The man is religiously devoted to the bottle, just like the self drunkand, the ex-priest Frank Bwalya. Some of his ministers are Bar owners, Some have their wives & children living in UK. What God has he embraced? please stop demeaning God. Edgar & the Western govts belong in the same boat spiritual wise. There’s nothing godly to write home about this Admin.

  51. Stop it because these western countries can still do without Zambia but Zambia can’t do without the western. Be careful stop following Mugabe’s footsteps.

    • So Mr. Mulilima what is your stance on this one. See what is happening in Syria? Regime change ploted by the western. Let them go to hell. The consenquences are costly.

    • Nonsens! Dependency syndrom nonsens. Who says we can’t do without the oppressor? What u r sayn is let them transgress against us because @ the end of the day they’ll give us something NICE ?! No. We’ll depend on ourselves in the Name of God.

    • Do not be afraid. For i have redeemed you. I have called you by your name. You are mine. Thus says the Lord. Say no to homosexuality, say no to abortion, in fact say no to any satanic act influenced by the west! We are alive because God protects us.

    • Mr Mulilima, if Western countries cannot do without Zambia, what are they doing there now? Who colonised and demonised Zambia in those days and why? I did not know, there are still some people in Zambia who do not trust in themselves. Look, Zambia produced alot of food last year. It is feeding DRC, BURUNDI, MALAWI, MOZAMBIQUE, ZIMBABWE and ANGOLA. Is it not something to be proud of? You are still proud of western govts! Western worshipers, boot leakers and bottle collectors? I am very sorry indeed.

    • so u want zambians to be puppets to the western countries.telling us who must nd who must nt rule our country enternal matters r fo zambians nt fourghners

    • That’s the inferiority complex we talk about with such kind of thinking you can’t just be independent.

    • Israel Phiri, are you serious! In the name of God! How euro bonds have we gotten from the UK. Or maybe I missed your point did the euro bonds come from God?

    • Now that the presidnt is seekn God unlik his coligs, they ar at him. They wnt to be worshpd instead.bt we say no!

    • Our GOD Is Bigger Than Any Superpower. Africa And Zambia Are Not For Sale,We Shall Eat What We Produce.

    • @Kelvin Lutangu Amukusana, I’m serious. The Euro Bond is not a free gift from the Western Powers to Zambia. Zambia wil pay back that money, and the lenders have got full confidence in our ability to pay them back what we owe. No one lends money to a vegetable unless the lender is out of his mind! Yes, they have the money. But that doesn’t give them the right to dictate hw Zambians must live. We have God, and we have each other. We will triumph over the obstacles as we make our way to a prosperous and peaceful country.

    • I believe zambia is a super power also coz we have God almighty as the beacon of hope.

  52. big lie,Zambians are just fed up with it and cant wait for 11th August to despatch it to where it belongs