Prayer at Show grounds
Prayer at Show grounds

s the 2016 election mood begins to unfold, the church must be very aware and vigilant regards, the increased interests of individual candidates who may want to turn the church into a campaign tool. While individual church members are free to support or oppose any candidate for office as they see fit, it is crucial that the church as an institution remain neutral on all candidates for office. Care should be taken that the pulpit and all church property remain a neutral space when it comes to elections.
The temptation is high on us the candidates to use whatever platform and space we come into contact with to campaign but I wish to advise all political players and stakeholders not to turn God’s temple into a campaign dais, as doing so is very inappropriate and divides the church.

A church is made up of different people who may have different political beliefs and aspirations, it is therefore imperative to keep the church as neutral as possible. We should participate in the voting process available to us when it is possible to do so in good conscience and should share the responsibility of building our communities. We should not, however, become preoccupied with politics, or utilize the pulpit, class, departments or signing groups to advance political theories.

I do not know about other churches but I know that the Seventh-Day Adventist Church has a strong historical position on the separation of church and state by not endorsing or opposing any candidate and I highly feel it must be the position and footing of all churches to remain neutral in this process.

The role of the church should be to join hands in Prayers and foster an atmosphere of peace and national reconciliation. The inclination of Zambians to Christianity is unquestionable and this is even more evident when the country is faced with calamity or indeed a difficulty situation like the transitions we have had. My appeal as we draw closer to August 11, is that we don’t lose focus on the mission of the church and allow politics to infiltrate the Church.

Allan Morgan Sakala : Munali Aspiring MP-2016