kambwili kabimba
kambwili kabimba

RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba was the chief manufacturer of the machine of tyranny when he was Justice Minister and secretary general of the Patriotic Front (PF), the United Party for National Development has charged.

UPND vice-president for political affairs Canisius Banda said although Mr Kabimba was the chief manufacturer of the machine of tyranny when he served in the PF Government, it was an affront to his liberties to deny him the freedom to assemble and meet his supporters.

Dr Banda said Mr Kabimba had created an inimical fixture during his reign as Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF, he should have been threatened with violence when he appeared at Breeze FM Radio in Chipata last year.

He said in his facebook posting captioned ‘In Pursuit of Joint Fronts’ that the UPND was always in defence of liberty and that the opposition political party would never stop denouncing vices that were a danger to the country’s democracy such as violence.

He said the UPND was bearing the cross of defending people’s liberty including those that were once part of the system they were currently crying to be victims of.

Dr Banda said the UPND would feverntly and relentlessly come to the defence of Mr Kabimba’s liberties despite his past record of terror. “…united we stand, divided we fall. We are always in defence of liberty. Never will we stop. This is our cross to bear, our lot, our destiny. Even for Wynter Kabimba, who at one time was the chief manufacturer of the machine of tyranny, when affronted today by the same inimical fixture and denied liberty, as it happened at Breeze FM…teargasing of Nevers Mumba and other citizens in Ludanzi, we shall fervently and relentlessly come to his (Kabimba) defence,” he said.

Dr Banda said an injustice to one citizen was an injustice to all and that the country’s guiding maxim should be that of ‘all for one and one for all. Dr Banda who had posted a picture of himself and Edith Nawakwi, the president of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) said the UPND would continue pursuing for liberty, unity, harmony and prosperity.

And the PF has charged that Mr Kabimba should be the last person to accuse Government and President Edgar Lungu of frustrating the constitution-making process because he (Kabimba) allegedly attempted to conceal the Draft Constitution when he served as Justice Minister.

Mrs Phiri has told the Daily Nation that it was disheartening that Kabimba could accuse the PF of cheating Zambians on the Constitution making process when he failed to come up with a constitution within 90 days as Justice Minister in 2012.

She said that even when Mr Kabimba was asked by Parliament for updates on the constitution-making process, the Rainbow leadr often angered Zambians by his baseless political arguments.

Mrs Phiri further explained that Zambians were happy that the Constitution Amendment Bill had passed in Parliament and only waiting to be assented by President Lungu on Tuesday next week.

Mrs Phiri was reacting to Rainbow Party Leader Wynter Kabimba who said that Zambians have been cheated in the constitution-making process and should therefore not praise the PF for the constitution amendment bill passed by Parliament recently.