Slap Dee Vs Macky2

Macky2 – Zambia
Macky2 – Zambia

Before the year 2015 closes, music lovers have a chance to know who the king of hip hop is as preparations for the official and first -ever hip hop contest between two rival stars Mwila Musonda aka Slap Dee and Mulaza Kaira popularly known as Macky2.

The show has been set for Christmas Eve at Hollywood City and comes with the blessings of management from both the XYZ and Kopala crews.
In a joint interview, Shawn Kayster, Macky2’s manager and his counterpart H-Mark from XYZ, both confirmed the most anticipated show is on and the two artistes are geared to end the question of who the king of local hip hop is between them.
The organisers insist that this show comes due to popular demand and unofficial social media polls that have been running under the question,’ who is the king of hip hop?’.
The Macky2 Vs Slap Dee show is therefore set to be one of the most interesting concerts as it will feature artistes under the two labels playing against each other before the main acts. This show will also attract a high profile documentary that will be scripted and filmed.
Interestingly, the battle of words prior to the event has already commenced in both camps and social media is littered with comments regarding the debate. Macky 2’s management have insisted that this is not a reconciliation event while Slap Dee’s management say the concert is an opportunity for Kopala Swag to level up with XYZ.
The show will also determine whether this is the end or beginning of Hip Hop in Zambia but the question still stands. Who is the King of hip hop, Slap Dee or Macky2?