Matero man given 2 week ultimatum to have sex with wife

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A MAN of Lusaka’s Matero Township has been given a two-week ultimatum in which to have sex with his wife or be divorced.
This is a case in which Isabel Kumwenda, 23, sued her husband Wilson Kumwenda for marriage reconciliation citing his refusal to have sex with her from the time she gave birth.
Wilson Kumwenda, 35 has resorted to be sleeping in the car and only entered the house when he wanted to bath or change clothes claiming he felt disgusted to have sex with his wife because she is breastfeeding.
Kumwenda has vowed never to have sex with his breastfeeding wife because he could not stand the smell of breast milk.
He told the Matero local court that he had vowed to never engage his wife sexually until their 11-month-old baby was weaned off.
“I feel like throwing up when having sex with a breastfeeding wife, our baby is 11 months but I will wait until he is weaned off, for now I will manage to stay without sex even her she will manage because she managed to be a single mum for five years,” he said.
“When I met this woman she had a five-year-old daughter and she was not married, hence if she managed to stay without a man for that long, I am sure even in my house she will manage,” he said.
He dared his wife to have sex with other men who could stand breastfeeding women if she was not willing to wait.
Isabel said she was tired of staying with her husband without sex as if she was staying with her brother because it was tormenting.
“My husband does not allow me to be around when he is from bathing citing that he no longer wanted me to see his nakedness,” she said.
She said whenever she tried to engage her husband sexually he would refuse, saying she was smelling bad even when she was just from bathing.
Magistrate Lewis Mumba, sitting with Pauline Newa gave the man a two-week ultimatum in which to have sex with his wife failure to which they would be granted divorce.