PF will be weakest opposition party next year, says Livune


DERICK Livune says PF will be the weakest opposition political party once it loses power next year.

Livune, who is Katombora UPND member of parliament and the party’s Southern Province information and publicity secretary, said it is a well-known fact that the ruling party was slowly reclaiming its previous status as an opposition party.

“PF is gone already; they are slowly acquiring their opposition status again and they are very determined to be in the opposition because they can no longer contain the pressure of being in government,” Livune said.

“And once they lose next year’s elections, that will mark the beginning of the end of PF and they will be the weakest opposition party in Zambia. And even in opposition, people will still be bitter with them for leaving the country with huge debts and high poverty levels.”

He said the PF leadership was full of people who are serving personal interest.

“I tell you the truth; these people who are in PF are just there because of personal interests. Some are still there for the sake of jobs; others for the sake of contracts while others are still there for fear of being prosecuted,” Livune said.

“Look at the people who are in PF now! Were they going to be there if Michael Sata was alive? No. They wouldn’t be there, meaning they just followed a person. And when that person leaves office in a few months time, they will all be gone. For now, it is just full of chancers. The real members are already gone; they are just waiting for the dissolution of Parliament.”

He said the PF had failed to improve people’s welfare and that it was illogical for the party to expect support from Zambians.

“They promised people jobs and they fulfilled that promise with retrenchments in the mines. They promised people more money and now people don’t have money. They cheated people with lower taxes but people are now taxed heavily and they expect people to vote for them? No! Zambians can’t be cheated twice. Once bitten, twice shy,” said Livune.
“In a few months time, we will have a new government that will liberate this country from the PF misery. People are suffering and they are unconcerned. Now, what kind of government is that? They have increased the electricity tariffs and they don’t care how that is affecting the people; that is being irresponsible.”