Man pleads guilty to insulting his mother when she asked for money

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A 32-YEAR-OLD man of Chingola, who insulted his mother when she asked for money from him, has pleaded guilty to one count of using unpalatable language.

Kennedy Mwale of 75 Kasama Flats, Nchanga North, insulted his step-mother after she asked for money from him.
Mwale appeared on Thursday for plea, before magistrate Martin Namushi.
Mwale insulted Agness Nyandwe on December 11, this year.
When the court read out the charges to him, he said he understood and admitted the charge.
“Your honour, I understand and admit the charge. I insulted my step-mother because she wanted me to give her all my money when I got paid. She has been doing this for a long time now. This time, she threw my clothes outside the house, so the devil tempted me and I insulted her,” said Mwale.
Mr Namushi adjourned the matter to November 18, 2015 for written facts.
In another count, two women of the same family, who beat up a woman they found in a compromising position with their uncle have been found guilty and convicted of assault.
Chikwanda Chanda, 27, and Melody Tembo, 25, both of 117 Lulamba Street, Chiwempala appeared before senior resident magistrate Davies Chibwili on Thursday for facts.
On November 18, this year, Chanda and Tembo assaulted Monica Samba causing her actual bodily harm.
Reading the facts, public prosecutor Chilomba Kayuwa said Chanda and Tembo met Ms Samba with their uncle and accused her of having an affair with him.
The court heard that the two started beating Ms Samba and hurt her.
When the court asked Chanda and Tembo if the facts were true and correct, they responded that the facts were true but that there was an omission.
“Your honour the facts are true but we did not find her outside. We found her in the bedroom with uncle,” said Tembo said.
Earlier, when the two appeared for plea, the court instructed that their uncle appear but his wife represented him.
“Your honour, my name is Catherine Sonta, I am the wife of the man who was found with another woman. I came to represent my husband because he has gone for work,” Ms Sonta said.
But Mr Chibwili said he wanted her husband to appear before him.
“I will adjourn this matter again, I want to see your husband not you,” he said.
Mr Chibwili adjourned the matter to December 21 this year, for mitigation and sentencing.


  1. He is a cursed fellow. Some of us miss parents who died a long time, but him has a mother to insult.