Lungu warns political cops

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

PRESIDENT Lungu has urged the Zambia Police Service to be professional and resist being swayed by sweet talk from opposition political leaders who are promising to give them jobs and promotions if they win elections.
Mr Lungu said this in Lusaka yesterday when he swore in commissioners of police, Alex Chilufya for Eastern Province, Bonny Kapeso for Northern Province, Lackson Sakala for North-Western Province and Charles Lungu for Western Province.
He said he expects high levels of professionalism and integrity from police officers and that he will not hesitate to punish officers who are politically affiliated as he wants them to behave impeccably.
“Don’t be swayed by politicians from the opposition who will tell you that they will take care of you. Who say ‘I will take care of you, if you co-operate with me I will give you a job’. It does not work like that because I am here for keeps,” Mr Lungu said.
He said the government wants to restore professionalism in the police service and starting with commissioners who behave impeccably and are professional, have integrity and garner respect from their subordinates.
Mr Lungu urged the police officers to work hard and treat people equally, firmly and fairly and stay away from politics.
He said it is important for the service to be responsible as the country prepares for the 2016 general elections.
Mr Lungu noted that some police officers abuse their positions and behave like politicians or party cadres and that when such officers are retired, the opposition leaders that they supported while they were working shun them.
“So don’t be cheated by those who say they will take care of you. If you are a professional policeman, I will treat you as a professional policeman, but if you behave like a cadre policeman, I will treat you like a cadre,” he said.
Mr Lungu also noted that no-one can be punished for having relatives belonging to opposition political parties because at the end of the day, everyone is related to someone and that should not be the basis for punishment.
“I know we are all related. There are some policemen that are related to some opposition party leaders, but I can’t punish you for that. What you do is what you get,” he said.
He said he is a President for all Zambians and that he embraces all regardless of tribe.
And President Lungu has said Government will listen to all debate on the Public Order Act and that all the necessary amendments will be made after the debate has been concluded.