Lungu the opposite of Magufuli in cutting govt expenditure – Msoni


NASON Msoni says President Edgar Lungu is the complete opposite of his Tanzanian counterpart John Magufuli who has implemented cost-cutting measures since assuming office last month.

Msoni, the All People’’s Congress Party leader, charged that President Lungu was not serious about the prudent use of national resources.

“I don’t know what runs in the mind of this President. He can’t take a leaf from his colleague, the President of Tanzania, Magufuli, how he is pragmatically handling government business and cutting government expenditure. He has even reduced the size of his Cabinet and everyone can see that he is serious about the prudent use of resources,” Msoni said.

“But we seem to have the opposite of the new Tanzanian Head of State. He [Lungu] has continued to travel to commission projects that he can easily delegate and in the midst of such suffering, you can afford the luxury to go and buy satellite phones? Even those that give us money, their ministers don’t have such equipment so I think this level of desperation where he can do anything to be re-elected is sickening.”

He observed that President Lungu was not sensitive to the people’’s suffering.

“The man (President Lungu) only a few weeks ago went to Bauleni clinic and saw for himself the extent of suffering of our people that in a government clinic. They had no antibiotics and the nurse told him that they are failing to care for the patients because they don’t have antibiotics and he turned to honourable Dr Guy Scott to say ‘the MP is here’. But surely, is it the responsibility of the MPs to source for antibiotics?” Msoni wondered.

“I don’t know what Zambians would want to do, but is this a guy you can give another five years? Certainly not, because he is not moved by human suffering. The man doesn’t know what he is doing, he is just a man in politics. It’s just power galore for the sake of it and he does not even believe in what he says.”
He asked Zambians to open their eyes and realise that they had put a wrong man in office.
“The extent of negligence, irresponsible borrowing and plunder of national resources is totally disgusting. Five more years of this man will lead a lot of people to their graves prematurely. And Zambians must now open their eyes and see that we have wrong characters in government; that these men are just ideologically bankrupt fellows who are just excited about government positions and behaving like they won the lottery and are on a spending spree. They have literally brought the country on its knees,” Msoni said.

He reminded PF officials that they would soon be made to account for the loans, which they had been contracting.

“These people should begin to account for the money which has been borrowing. To this point, they have failed to give us a break down of where the money has been spent and you can’t run a system like that, where leaders just borrow and plunder. And certainly we will hold Mr Lungu and his government accountable when they leave office. The time of reckoning is fast approaching and they will answer for the all the wrongs committed during their time in office. Look at the amount of luxury among our leaders! It is shameful! It is quite disturbing and perturbing that the misuse of public funds has continued to go unabated despite what Lungu said at his [press] conference,” said Msoni.

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