Patrick Mucheleka is a frustrated man

Patrick Mucheleka
Patrick Mucheleka

Our Patrick Mucheleka is certainly an injured man after the loss of his parliamentary seat and is not expected to say anything good about President Lungu and his Cabinet because we all know the effects of sour grapes.

But for him to claim that young people will vote out President Lungu because he lacks capacity to find solutions to their challenges is cheap and belongs to the dustbin
If Mucheleka had such a capacity to deal with situations how did he fail to retain his Lubansenshi parliamentary seat?
And when he talks about young people, which ones is he referring to because PF too has a large following of the youth.
Anyway for Mr Mucheleka’s information, President Lungu recently announced an ambitious programme which is expected to generate 500,000 jobs for the youth not to talk about the youth fund currently in operation and doing wonders to our young generation.
I know that you rushed to the Post because it is the only paper which specializes in publishing anti-government articles for obvious reasons- the burning tax issue which ZRA should pursue to its legal end.
I agree Zambians want real change which they will get from President Lungu and not from politicians full of hate and insults.
I hate leaders who are in the bad habit of cataloguing problems instead of offering solutions like Mr Mucheleka.
For instance Mr Mucheleka, why don’t you do something for the farmers in your area instead of leaving it to the government you are now insulting?
I want to assure you that come next year Mr Lungu will be in State Houser and many of you, especially in the opposition camps will be walking with your heads down.
Martin Fulemu