The Teaching Service Commission says indecent dressing that exposes bras and G-strings among female teachers may lead to moral decay among pupils.
The Teaching Service Commission held a three days retreat from 8th to 10th December, 2015 to discuss the Code of Ethics for Teaching Profession among others the dress code of serving teachers especially the female folk.
The teaching service commission is concerned with the dress code of serving teachers especially the female folk which it said has the potential to bring about moral decay in the Zambian society and cannot enhance effective learning.
The commission said female teachers put on indecent clothes like see-through tight skirt and blouses which expose G-strings and bras. It said sometimes female teachers put on sleeveless tops which expose the body and arm pits when writing on the chalkboard, saying this kind of dressing disturbs the pupils.
Therefore, the Teaching Service Commission has resolved that, the teachers “must” be wearing proper uniforms whenever they go to teach starting May, 2016. The commission said female teachers must be wearing long uniforms that don’t expose the knees and thighs. It resolved that teacher be buying uniforms for themselves and it will sit with the Ministry of General Education in January to decide on the colour of uniform.
But some teachers are now up in arms and have strongly condemned the move taken by the commission.
Most female teachers say they should not be subjected to what they termed were colonial era rules that put restrictions on their freedom to adorn any attire.
” I write to respond to the debate on dress code for teachers as being discussed by the Teaching Service Commission.
I am a young teacher and I will not be subjected to dress like an old woman.
These pupils don’t even get inspired to become teachers because of how certain teachers dress. Teaching profession is not only for the old but the young too. Preach decency and not those silly restrictions. While on the topic,I would rather you discuss and pay more attention to the number of male teacher indulging into illicit sex with female pupils,that’s more pressing than dress code for women.” Yvette Mukwiza complained.
Last month, Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu made a proposal that teachers must start wearing uniforms when they go to teach, a move which has been backed by the Teaching Service Commission and BETUZ and has since been approved. Next year term two, all Zambian teachers will be wearing uniforms when going to teach.