PF,MMD have raped draft constitution – FDD

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The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has charged that the PF in collaboration with the MMD have raped the final draft constitution.
FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza in a statement says instead of passing the Draft Constitution Bill as recommended by the people of Zambia, the PF working in collaboration with the MMD have opted to mutilate the Draft Constitution Bill to suit their selfish partisan interests.
Mr. Mwanza says it is painful that the two political parties have opted to injure Zambians by removing certain clauses from the Bill such as the appointment of Cabinet outside Parliament, Mixed-Member Proportional Representation and Provincial Assemblies.
He says this is a waste of public funds and money.
Mr. Mwanza adds that while people were subjected to a tedious constitution making process, there is still no people driven constitution to talk about at the end of the whole process.



  1. Ba fdd is it because you know that you can’t win elections with the 50+1 clause in place?

  2. Why didn’t she have representatives in parliament she alwys be s noise maker because she is powerless.