Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

Chilufya Tayali says a number of UPND cadres are up in arms against me for telling them the truth about HH that he does not care for people but his political career. Visiting the sick and the philanthropical posers are just one of the ways to attract votes.
My conclusion is drawn from the fact that there is no history of HH engaging is similar activities before he joined politics.
Further whenever HH does such kind of good works, it is for the cameras and social media, which is a clear campaign strategy.
To me this is total abuse of the sick and beneficiaries. Yes, I have also come out here to show how some people are suffering so that people can help them not to solicit for votes.
I am against this PRETENSE not only for HH but for all politicians, DON’T ABUSE THE POOR FOR YOUR POLITICAL MILEAGE.
To those UPND cadres shooting at me, I beg you to mourn my brother Simusamba and not to abuse him further in his death, because you already did it when he was in Hospital.
Simusamba was sick for a long time and HH never paid attention only to go and see him at the last minute. Simusamba died barely 24 hours after HH visited him and took pictures.
Thank God my brother Lifwekelo is alive because he was also very sick and never got the attention from HH as a senior member until we brought it out on social media. I always pray for the good health of my sweet wife Clance Zulu, she is a strong woman.
While most of you UPND cadres can speak so loudly on social media praising HH based on a promissory note that he will appoint you when he becomes President (which is highly unlikely), you struggling in your lives with no help from HH.
I challenge you to declare here how HH has helped you, because I know life is tough for you (just like most of the cadres in PF who are now neglected) while HH is lavishing in all the money he made in Privatization and the donations flocking in from outside the Country and your 250 challenge. I really pity you.
I don’t believe in Satanism therefore I can’ accuse HH of being a Satanist, but maybe I am missing something, why we are losing so many members in UPND. Anyway, I am a Christian I leave that to those of you who believe in it.
I admire the good health of HH maybe Edgar Lungu should ask him what is his (HH) secret so that he can stop going to South Africa for reviews we can save our money from medical bills.
Please don’t provoke me, I am just human and I am not as lucky as HH who made money during privatization and rarely fall sick. I don’t want to die now.